Five reasons why it’s okay to have sex on the first date

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Let’s break the taboo!! I know, what all you’re thinking, like seriously it’s okay to jump over the bed with a stranger, and that too on the first meet? Yes, M a woman, writing this article to all other women, in which I’m clarifying that it’s outstanding to have sex on the first date. We Read More

15 Most Common Sexual Fetishes & Obsessions

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Let’s see how dirty you can go with this. Do you have any sexual fetish? I wonder all of us has nurse hidden fetishes. A fixation & obsessions can be with anything that drives us crazy and gives our mind the maximum level of sexual satisfaction. One should understand there is no harm in having Read More

What does PDA mean? Is excess of PDA is good/bad for a relationship?

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Have you ever witnessed a couple who can’t keep their hands off each other in public? How do you feel about public display of affection? Is excessive PDA good for a relationship or not? Read on to find out what does PDA mean and why is PDA compatibility important for your relationship? Kissing, holding hands Read More

10 Alarming Signs You’re a Sex Addict: It’s Not Fun Anymore

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Sex is a fun thing to have but has it become more of an issue? For you something you enjoy? It can happen. Figure out, what’s happening with you? Look at our list for some sex addiction signs. So, you like to have Sex. Good for you. Though Sex is the best, it’s a basic Read More

15 Foods to Eat to Improve Sex Drive: Boost Sexual Stamina

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Studies have shown that healthy eating has several benefits from maintaining the weight to keeping the skin glow. Furthermore, food gives us the energy to stay active throughout the day. In short, healthy food is a wholesome bowl of goodness. We are all aware of the benefits of healthful eating and how a bowl of Read More

An Update On Why Men Cheat? It’s More Than Sex

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Men cheat more than women. All of you might be surprised to know that in men’s minds there’s more to cheating than just sex or sleeping with women. Men & cheating – a ubiquitous phrase and story of every unhappy relationship. When it comes to male cheating, shared knowledge denotes that men usually cheat out Read More

13 Telltale Signs Someone Likes You: How Many Do You Notice?

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You met someone; you fall for them, but you are not sure if they too feel the same. Don’t worry! We are here to help and tell you the truth about those mysterious signs and the psychology behind them. So, let’s get started! One of the most frustrating things people experience in a relationship whether Read More

Relationship Advice: 5 Essentials To Having A Healthy Relationship

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Have you ever been in a toxic, unhealthy & destructive relationship? Learn the five essential things that make a healthy loving relationship, which we thrive for. It has said  – the best relationship advice you can either get from a heart-broken person or those who successfully turned their happy-gorgeous relationship into a beautiful marriage. Though Read More

10 Astounding Hacks To Make Sex Last Longer

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What good sex means to you? Though amazing-and-short sex is always preferable, squeeze-and-long banging sex is what makes sex to last long. Masturbate with a woman’s orgasm in mind, not your own. Men, you can last longer, for years. If your mind stumbles upon the bizarre problems of premature ejaculation (occurs sooner, within less than Read More