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Advanced Wedding Planning Use the Time in Quarantine to Make Your Nuptials More Awesome

Since the coronavirus outbreak has confined a lot of us to our homes, many of our planned events were either canceled or postponed; from business trips to music festivals, all spheres of life have been affected. However, while staying at home and being safe is the most important thing. We cannot overlook that this situation […]

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What I’ve Learned About Relationship Counseling

There is no question that the top reason for an individual seeking therapy today is “relationship counseling.” There are more callers of every age who are looking for a therapist to help them “get along better” with their partners, parents, children, boyfriends, roommates, girlfriends, stepchildren, siblings, in-laws, ex-husbands, ex-wives, co-workers, etc., than anything else. At […]

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toxic relationship

8 Signs of A Toxic Relationship

As said, “We are not clones; every individual is different; and have a different choice.” Relationships, like most things in life, are worth having, requires effort. We have to accommodate and adapt our partner’s habits, deal with their faults, tackle their moods, etc. – these learnings help in building a passionate relationship. Though not every […]

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Married And Still lonely? 6 Ways To Overcome Loneliness

You feel that the ‘We’ part of your marriage has turned into ‘I and You’? Even after staying in the same house, you two feel distant? ‘Happily ever after’ seems to fade away? These are the signs which tell couples, after living together, are not together anymore. How does this stage come in a happily […]

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Top 6 Wedding Planning Apps To Plan A Perfect Event

As thrilling as the idea of marrying the love of your life, planning weddings can be quite a nuisance. There are numerous intricate details, the never-ending deadlines, guest lists, and clothing dilemmas to deal with – it is certainly a commendable feat if you can plan your wedding without getting stressed.  The stress and excitement […]

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