Does affection matter in a relationship?

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Are you struggling with a lack of affection in your relationship? It’s not something you should worry about. Let’s learn how to open up! Though it may sound cheesy to you, showing affection is paramount in a relationship. Everything from holding-hands to surprising each other and even laughing on garbage talk shows love. What is Read More

15 Most Common Sexual Fetishes & Obsessions

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Let’s see how dirty you can go with this. Do you have any sexual fetish? I wonder all of us has nurse hidden fetishes. A fixation & obsessions can be with anything that drives us crazy and gives our mind the maximum level of sexual satisfaction. One should understand there is no harm in having Read More

How To Keep A Guy Interested After Sleeping With Him?

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Wondering if that guy might be interested in you after sleeping together? Well, let that not bother you! How do you get him to stay engaged in you after you gave him the goods, that should be your concern. Read on and learn how to keep him coming back for more! Honestly, it’s not wrong Read More

7 Outwardly Tricky Questions To Ask Your Partner Before Committing To Them

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Moving-in with your partner is seemingly the most beautiful thing happening to your relationship. You have finally found the person with whom you can plan for the future and ready for the endless drive. When you seriously love someone, there is nothing wrong with moving in, together, until you both are travelling on the same Read More

10 Reasons That Ends A Happy Relationship

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When we fall for a person, day-night we only think about them. We do what makes them happy; we change ourselves as per their needs, and at some point, we see our future with them. Everything seems so perfect, like a fairytale movie *Wink* *Wink*, for you, that’s the happiest relationship you have ever been Read More

11 Glorious Wedding Food Station Ideas to WOW Guests

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Warning: this post may make mouths water You may have come across many weddings. But have you ever thought about what part of a beautiful wedding attracts the guests most, which they remember for a long time and never tired of looking again? That’s the wedding food station – a roadway which allows guests to Read More