Masturbation–A Glorious Art of Self Pleasure

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There is a gag about masturbation: “80% of people masturbate, and the other 20% are lying about it.”

If I want to describe the masturbation in a technical term, then I can say that it is an act of self-pleasure, which is solo sex to get sexual pleasure.

Everyone masturbates (male, female, bisexual, gay, transgender), like everyone because it’s normal and healthy. Some people do it twice a day; some do it once in a while, and some are there who don’t even masturbate. DAHHH

Why men masturbate?

People masturbate when they want to experience self-pleasure related to satisfying their body and mental need. With a male, they shake their penis until they aroused. To make their self-pleasure more joyful most males either fantasy about a special person to whom they are attracted to or watch porn to make the sexy masturbate session more enjoyable.

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If I have to discuss in a standard way, then it starts with the mood of a person. There can be several reasons behind this. Maybe the person has not done sex or masturbates for a long time, and now he is in a mood to experience a self-pleasure. Even it can happen that he has seen something sexually attractive, and now he is in a mood to masturbate to feel an orgasm.

Also, this can happen that he is in a mood of doing sex with anyone, but because of whatever problems he cannot perform sex, and the last option is to masturbate so he can somehow get a similar feeling.

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Usually, if I talk about the masturbation process in male adolescence, then first his mind thinks about the sexual pleasure, and the reaction to this action is that his body also reacts in need of some sexual satisfaction. His blood circulation speed up and heartbeat beat faster, and even penis erects. To satisfy the sexual need, he wants a partner, but if he does not get a partner or he is single than he masturbates.

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Masturbation – Stress Beater & Mood Enhancer

In the masturbation process, his mind first thinks in this direction, and his penis erects. Then to give himself more pleasure, he rubs his private part along with doing fantasy about the person he finds sexually attractive. If they have any device like mobile or laptop, they even watch porn according to their interest.

This gives them immense sexual pleasure while masturbating. Also, there is a situation in which if the person is not single and he is in a relationship or having any sexual partner, but at present when his partner is not near to him, then they also do video call. In this, they see each other, do some sexual talks, and even see each other private parts to get more excited and then masturbate.

But in the general masturbation activity, when the guy feels sensual, then he thinks to masturbate to get self-pleasure. His mind is thinking something sexually, and his penis erects. Then he rubs it to get more pleasure. To make the masturbating session more interesting, he fantasies about the person he finds sexually attractive or watches porn on his phone or laptop.

First, he rubs his penis from the outside of his pant, to erect it. Then he removes his cloth by unbuttoning his pant and removing his underwear to make himself more comfortable.

Then he shakes it to make it harder. If he is watching porn, then sometimes he also starts imagination about the same thing with his sexual partner or the person he finds sexually attractive. His heartbeats beat more quickly, which increase the speed of blood circulation, and then he feels more excited. While masturbating, he feels immense pleasure and joy of happiness.

Then at the last moment when he is about to ejaculate, he shakes his penis more swiftly, and his heartbeat more quickly. He starts panting with excitement to orgasm. He masturbates till is cum, and in cum spewing moment he feels like heaven. His masturbation activity ends up till, he cum, after that his penis stops continue erecting and it comes to normal size. This masturbation activity gives him sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

Here’s a wrap!

Masturbation is a healthy activity that most everyone does for self-pleasure. As sex is one of the regular needs of a body and masturbation is also a part of sex to get self-satisfaction.

We can say that it is one of those sex activities that most of the people do regularly in privacy, and they don’t want to expose regarding it. Still, people are not open up regarding masturbation, and they rarely like to talk about it.  

At present, we are in the 21st century, so please don’t make masturbation still a taboo. It’s a regular human activity, and we all should have better and common perception regarding it.

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