What does it feel like to be in a lust relationship?

2 weeks ago Shruti sood 0

​It starts as a fire, you are touched in more ways than one, your physical intimacy has to lead you to satisfying encounter, and you would love to go through this again. You make it possible, it sparks off, and you continue from where you last left. And this is as great, greater cause now you have dropped off your guards. You have reached a place where your sensuality is out there in the offer and getting you all that you desired and or possibly more than you imagined. You don’t want this to fade ever, each time you meet you sizzle and frizzle together, and each time it takes your intimacy to greater heights.

Until one day right in between the act a phone call rings, your lover hurriedly wraps up ​​​and leave to attend to the pressing issue. On the surface, you may be okay with it, but somewhere deep down you know you are feeling insecure. Your next planned meet is less frizzling not because you aren’t getting what you want, but this time you want more. More out of a relationship. Heck! you want a ‘relationship.’

​From sizzling sex to frizzling bodies to buzzing emotions! This is alarming. Should be. No one has questioned your morals. This is not what you are set to answer, but what you must ask yourself would you be happy throwing away everything that made you happy before just before you sensed the need to belong? ​And what if you do get into a partial relationship, who are are you deceiving with your arrangements? Can you rest assured that after that you won’t cross these newly formed boundaries and not ask for anything more, again?

​You are scared of your rising and contradicting emotions-are you not? ​If you are, then be prepared. Be prepared in your mind, if not right after your sizzling first few encounters then eventually, that this is all that you want, and this is all that you opt for. This lustful relationship is all that you will get. You are not tying any strings and not even proposing to offer any.

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