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14 Erogenous Zones In A Woman’s Body

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Erogenous Zones!!!!

Do you know a little stroking on the belly could be such a high turn on…

Sex is a pleasurable art, make it steamy and horny by touching the most ignored hot spots (say hello to erogenous areas) of your lady, that need all the attention!!

Why is touching erogenous zones important during foreplay?

Your partner loves to get spoilt on the bed; she wants to feel how wild you can go and how horny you can make her in seconds. Most of the men are probably not aware of all stimulating sensitive hot spots that can spark the sex game in seconds – duh we’re not talking about sucking nipples, licking buttocks and kissing on the neck. 

Few erogenous zones can take your lady from zero to gotta-have-it-right-now—that’s barely scratching the surface.

Moreover, it’s always spectacular to try something new, especially when you want to make sex rough and breath-taking. Plus, your lady won’t tell, but deep down she wants you to make her go-crazy with touching or licking those sweet spots. 

You may be surprised to know that every part of a woman is erotic and sensitive to touch. These are so-called erogenous zones which contribute to sexual arousal. When these erogenous zones are pressed rightly, it gives a tremendous sexual experience like no other. 

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What is erogenous?

A woman’s entire body is highly erogenous. Okay, but what is an erogenous zone exactly? Put simply; it’s “an area on the body that has the potential to create erotic and sexual arousal when touched.”

These zones can be found from head to toe, and passionate hotspots tend to vary from woman to woman. 

In our opinion, one should think of these erogenous zones as a road to a happy ending. 

To make it simple for men who most of the time struggle to find out the ways to drive their lady go-crazy, here is a list of all the pleasurable erogenous zones to take things up a notch in the bedroom. 

Let’s delve into it!

14 Most Erogenous Zones of A Woman’s Body

The Collarbone: 

It’s kinda surprising to you, but yes a woman’s collarbone is a highly sensitive area. If you lay your fingers right or kiss them passionately, it won’t take seconds to turn a woman on. The collarbone skin is quite thin too, that makes it an extremely delicate and attractive. Make sure to not to be rough around the edges!

Mouth and lips:

mouth and lips

It may sound a little old-fashioned, but lips will always be one of the hottest erogenous zones for women. That’s the reason a woman always falls for a good kisser, because of the nerve endings at the lips are sensitive and close to the surface of the skin. Amp-up the sensation with a deep passionate kiss and see the wild side of a pretty woman. That’s why lip-locking should be sensual. 

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Ear Lobe:

erogenous zone

The ears are considered as highly erotic and hotter spot when you want to crank things up in the bed. Lick, nibble, and suck her earlobes and she’s yours. The earlobes are very sensitive to touch because there’s a massive number of sensory receptors. Kiss her earlobes while roaming around her breasts, it will make the entire foreplay session sexy. 


stomach erogenous zone

Tease her right above the most sensual organs clitoris and vagina; the abdomen is bound to have numerous sensations. Just a little touch on the belly, the vulnerable part of the woman’s body and you get to see a different side of your lady. 

Wrist and hands: 

erogenous zone

A woman’s hand are the prettiest and beautiful thing. Even a light, sensual touch can produce arousing feelings. When you suck their fingertips or massage it with the tongue or kiss them gently, you’re having oral sex. Lightly grazing the fingers or hands of a woman sends a signal to reward centre of the brain for having sex.

The Nape of the Neck:


The perfect place for a hickey and that too for many reasons. The nape and back of the neck have so many nerve endings that can drive a woman crazy and give tantalizing sensations. A slight touch at the neck can send shivers down the spine. To heat things, even more, establish a no-kissing-on-the-lips rule and have your partner focus on your neck instead. 



Nipples are the most sensitive organ in the female’s body. Treat them with care, apply the right pressure, and let them do the talking. A little nibbling, licking or squeezing on nipples release a feel-good-chemical called Oxytocin, that makes a woman feel great. Obviously then, if a woman’s feeling good, she will make you feel good!

Inner Thighs:

women inner thighs

Right below the extremely sensuous zone, the intimate things teasing technique can turn her into a maddeningly good mood. Kiss, lick or move your hands slowly toward the vulva, touch the point and back off. Repeat the process, and it will surely make her wild. 


A staircase to heaven. Women love to get fingering, lingering, or teasing down there. The outer part of the vagina, have severe nerve endings, a little touch on the g-spot or clit can give countless orgasms to a woman. Play there rightfully, take some help from sex toys or a paintbrush, encircle over the vulva and see your woman warming up!

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Well, for some women, the anus is the severe hot spot. There are lots of sensitive nerve endings in the anus, so grabbing buttocks can be a warm and heavy place to spice things. Play with soft buttocks and see what good is coming to you. It could be caressing the outside of the butt cheeks, or the rim of the anus or a gentle finger-play or a kinky tongue-twisting is always on the butt playing menu. 

The bottom of the feet:

women feet

Some woman gets aroused with a little tickling at the feet. As the feet are packed with many nerve endings that give steamy sex sensation. So, give your lady-love an incredible foot massage or suck her toes, she will completely be blown with intense pleasure. 


It may sound a bit weird, but a lot of women love the guys who play with their hair. As the nerves on their scalp are known to heighten arousal. Therefore, playing with hairs work wondrous when it comes to making foreplay enticing. From pulling to grabbing hairs, it’s all erotic. 


The most erogenous part of a female’s body that obliges no explanation. The highly sensitive and the often targeted zone, the feather-like clitoris when touched with fingers or with couple sex toys – men have found heaven and women get to experience the big-O. 

The spine:

women spine

The upper and lower back is the most ignored but the most potent and sensual erogenous zone of the woman’s body. Give a sensual back massage or gently kiss the length of the spine or trail her back with one finger with applying the right pressure; this opens the space for arousal. To keep heating things up, move the massage further south. The area where the low back and the butt meet is passionate. Make things spicy!!!

So, next time, when you like to spice things up the bedroom, keep these erogenous zones guide handy. Till then, happy exploring!

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