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8 Hot Tips To Seduce Your Man

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When you first started dating, your guy was all into you. Swiftly, things calmed down the spark got lost, also preferences changed. Well, it’s time to turn around the table, learn the hot tips about how to seduce your man. 

When I started dating, my man was so obsessed with me, and he used to give me all the attention I wished for, he used to pamper me by doing all sweet lovey-dovey things which I never had before. Well, I won’t lie; it was so lovely to have that feeling of someone worshipping the ground you walk on. Trust me, everything was going so smoothly, that the thought about how to seduce your man, had never come to my mind. 

As time passed, he got much busier with his work life. Thought it’s appreciable, but slowly it started affecting our love-life. I had seen those days when he could not make it meet. Gradually, love started fading, and care started vanishing, priorities started changing; everything started to be blurry. It was hard as I also was not ready to make up my mind to handle such bizarre things. With all the drama that was happening, our relationship went downhill, or I can say the time to break up was nearby. In short, our lives got busier; there was less to no time for us to be intimate. 

In reality, this happens to most relationships. 

Honestly, when all these moments are happening in one’s relationship, figuring out the right things can be a stressful task. Relationships are a two-way street; you can resolve the hustle either by communicating with your partner or by putting extra efforts to bring the lost excitement, anticipation, and thrill of being together. 

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How to seduce your man and blow his mind?

Bringing a relationship back on wheels can be everyone’s cup of tea with keeping this hot tricks guide handy. Moreover, seducing a man is not as hard as you may think. 

Come, let’s explore the road of man’s heart by learning the best tips about how to seduce your man. 

Don’t Wait! Make the first move:

Usually, men are the ones who make the first move. Well, it’s time to show your bad side. When he comes over, open the gate being naked or wearing sexy nurse costumes, do some role-play 

Involve some kinky BDSM stuff like holding floggers, handcuffs, and more. 

Play the right music:

Play soothing music at the background that takes both of you far. Those who don’t know that blissful music during making out or seducing your man can glam up the entire romantic play. 

Hold his hands, wrap around his arms, and do a dirty dance and see where it takes along. 

Be a little teaser: 

Men just love to see their lady getting wild and teasing them with kissing on the neck, touching genitals in public, and playing fun games. Blindfold your partner, lick him, and then back away, make him chase you. A guy loves to chase, and it’s even better when you don’t get caught easily. 

Avoid perfume: 

A natural scent works as a natural aphrodisiac. If you think wearing perfumes makes you smell better, then think again. Our natural body odor is the biggest turn-on than we think. Your guy loves the way you smell. Arouse him with your natural scent and take the chemistry high up. 

Plan a sex date: 

Yes, you read it right. Don’t let the busy work life destruct your intimacy. This is where the sex date comes in. Choose a day in the week where you can spend some quality time together and enjoy old fashion sex. Your guy would feel good and be happy to make intense love. 

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Get your hands on a sex toy:

Don’t be shy in experimenting with crazy stuff in the bedroom. Having sex toys are meant to be a great way to enhance sexual pleasure time. There are some sex toys that are perfectly designed to give Clitorial plus G-spot stimulation at the same time. Start with intense foreplay and climb over the road of sex toys and see where it takes you. 

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Go higher: 

Don’t make a sex session too quiet and boring. Your guy loves to listen to those screams when he is inside you. Get loud and moan… let the neighbors know something is heating up. 

Try a little BDSM: 

How about becoming Mr.Grey for a night and dominating your partner with tying their hands and performing BDSM art? It’s going to be a whole new experience for your man, and surely he won’t regret it. There’s always fun to try kinky BDSM games while making out. 

All in all, it requires a little effort and kinky games to turn on you, man. Keep this how to seduce your man guide handy and see him drooling over you like a puppy. 

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