Saturday, December 2, 2023
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Dr. Arati

It Has Been Seven Years Of Our Marriage, And My Husband Cooks Breakfast For Me, Breaking The Society Stereotype

 I am not boasting, but it is every day that I wake up to a sumptuous and fulsome breakfast cooked by my dearest better...

How to Become Persuasive? 5 Techniques You Can Learn To Become More Persuasive

There is a thin line between being persuasive and being manipulative. This fine line either makes your relationship or breaks it into pieces. Let's...

4 Zodiac Couples Who Unabashedly Love PDA

PDA - Public Displays Of Affection. Back in the movies, PDA meant two flowers - kissing each other. In real life, PDA got hidden...

How Does TimeBoxing Works? What Are Its Benefits?

24 hours is less. No matter what you do. Time runs at the speed of light when you have so many things to do...
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Why do Intelligent People Embrace the Thought Of Taking One Decision At A Time?

Most people do not realize the importance of decision-making in day-to-day activities. But, in reality, decision-making is a skill of the brain that lets...

Vaginal Discharge Cycle & What Does It Tell About Your Health

Like a menstrual cycle, there’s also a discharge cycle in a woman’s life. Every woman grew up to appreciate and understand the power of...

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