Thursday, November 30, 2023
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E. Marie Hall

E. Marie Hall specializes in mindset mastery. As the bestselling coauthor of "Think on These Things" and a Mindset Mastery Success coach, she works with those ready for change. Marie uses innovative mindset practices and strategies that allow her clients to eliminate limitations and experience life on their own terms. Marie is a professional speaker who also provides personal, business and group coaching to leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs.

The Importance of Nurturing The Entrepreneurial Mindset in today’s Youth

In “The Tale of Two Wolves,” one is evil, and the other is good. When asked which one wins the battle, the reply is,...

7 Habits of Highly Confident People

Habits are at the very foundation of all that we do. They began at a very early age, and some of them still exist...

Starting Over: The 3 C’s Necessary to Come Back Quickly From Crisis

Sometimes life will push us to the edge of the proverbial cliff. And while we are there, legs dangling over the mountainside, our grip...

The Tenacity of the Tongue: 10 Tips To Tactfully Speak Up in the Workplace

The mighty tongue has been responsible for igniting wars, bringing peace, and dividing families. But how much of this was not due to words...
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Where is the Love? Exploring Elements of Self Compassion

Why would anybody NOT have self-compassion? Why is it sometimes so much easier to shower others with compassion? When did self-compassion go out of...

Breakthrough To The Smart Confident- YOU!!

If you have ever looked at another woman and thought, “If only I had her confidence,” you are not alone. Perhaps it was the way...

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