Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Expert - Ms. Sonya Khandelwal

Sonya Khandelwal is the Founder of ‘Etheralsonia’ (YouTube Channel), in the year 2020 and has successfully interviewed a lot of celebrities & socialites. She has also engaged in a lot of spiritual & motivational talk shows on various social platforms. Sonya is an entrepreneur, healer, life coach, and motivational & spiritual guide to many people who have wavered from their purposeful journey of life. Her goal in life is not only to bring out the best potential in people but also to help them get clarity in their thought processes in their journey. Apart from being a motivational speaker & an inspiration to one & all, she is a fashionista who is passionate about hosting events, anchoring, blogging about fashion & travel. Sonya is also writing a book on spirituality, which is in the making & will be on shelves by end of this year. Her life purpose is not only to help & provide solutions to people but also to share her real-life experiences & teachings & pass them from generation to generation.

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