Wednesday, March 29, 2023
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Nancy Landrum

Nancy specializes in transformative relationship skills for couples including strategies for stepfamilies to succeed. Nancy brings her MA in psychology, personal experience and successful strategies that have been proven by exhaustive research and statistics to help couples and stepfamilies communicate and resolve conflicts successfully. Nancy has eloquently conveyed skills for relationship happiness in her streaming course, "The Millionaire Marriage Club" and 8 books, including "How to Stay Married & Love It!" and "Stepping TwoGether: Building a Strong Stepfamily". Nancy has served southern California for the past 25 years through private counseling sessions and group classes. She has now expanded her practice to reach couples as far away as Canada, Texas and Australia with the magic of Zoom.

What is The Step Family’s dynamics And How to Make it Work?

If you've watched Adam Sandler's popular movie Blended, you'll probably know the advantages and obstacles of a stepfamily.  When two families with different values and...

How To Rekindle the Romance After 50, According to A Psychologist

"Partners in parenting and earning enough to support the family often lose their sense of being emotionally intimate as a couple". But once the...

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