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5 Healthier Alternatives to Your Bad Habits That Will Change Your Life

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Whether you admit it publically or not, deep down, we all know that we have a plethora of bad habits that we need to get rid of. Perhaps, we all have the same bad habits, but the reasons for adapting it are different -maybe the type of world we live in. Hence, getting rid of those habits is really essential in order to live a quality life.

However, it is easy said than done. Obviously, when it comes to advising others, it is quite easy just to say that “You know that it is affecting your health, so you should stop doing it.” But the difference comes when you are a victim of these habits.

You probably started these bad habits for a reason, but ending them for a better lifestyle can be possible. What you can do, is to find healthier alternatives for bad habits.

While there is a long list of bad habits that can be replaced with healthier ones, we will be focusing on the top 5, which needs to be changed immediately and which most of us are guilty of.

So, without further ado, let’s find healthier alternatives for bad habits to make our lives happier than ever before!

1. You are eating too much Junk Food!

This is one of the issues that most of us face. The reason is that since our lives have been this busy, we are always working and while working we need to munch on something (I still have a packet of chips on my right) while it affects your health it is still keeping you away from the stress of work, so instead of eliminating it, we need to replace it.

Here is what I have done: instead of munching on just junk food, I prepare salads for myself, which I can munch on while working.

Another thing that I do is that I treat myself with a small amount of Junk Food only when I am done with the task. Because let’s be honest, to completely replace a bad habit, you need first to tone down the intensity of it!

2. Excessive use of Technology!

Another biggest issue that exists in our generation specifically is the immense use of Technology to spend free time. Whether it is a laptop, TV, phone, or video games for kids, we tend to use all our time on these screens, which is definitely not good for our health.

Well, thankfully, finding alternatives for bad habits is not just beneficial but also interesting, like the one for this issue: Be Sporty! Engage yourself in sports much more, like swimming, cycling, or even other activities that can involve you physically!

3. Excessive Shopping!

Whether you are a male or a female, it doesn’t really matter. We all have the habit of spending on shopping and buying unnecessary things when we are in stress or for any other reason. This not only ends up having unwanted stuff at the house but can also affect your financial conditioning. An alternative for this one is quite simple; plan a budget at the start of the month and stick to it.

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Plus, to make sure you follow it, you can reward yourself towards the end if you have followed the budget and have saved up.

4. Addiction to Caffeine!

Most of us are addicted to caffeine due to several reasons. From the stress of work to the issue of working late, we are just so caught up in our lives that we feel like we might not be able to function without caffeine and especially that morning cup of coffee.

Well eliminating coffee is not that easy, replacing it with decaffeinated coffee is a possible alternative. Plus, you can always shift to natural juices, and most importantly, you can increase your water intake!

5. Smoking!

Last on the list is again a very common and serious bad habit which requires a solution. However, elimination of this habit is by far the most difficult one. The rationale behind it is that it is not just done in the response of stress or anxiety but also under the influence of friends or to look cool.

Possible alternatives can include the use of e-cigarettes instead of the normal one, but it isn’t a permanent solution. What else you can do is try to meditate and have a relaxed state of mind and then publicly announce that you are quitting it amongst your friends or family so that you feel obliged to keep your words.

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