Stress: The Silent Stealer

Stress: The Silent Stealer

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Every system in your body works like a see-saw; balance is key. When it comes to stress, an example is the autonomic nervous system. It has two branches, the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) and the parasympathetic nervous system(PNS).

The SNS is referred to as fight or flight. Which is good in the short term, but not so much in the long term. Issues will arise, such as:

  • lower metabolism
  • weight gain
  • weakened immunity
  • increased cortisol
  • estrogen dominance in women
  • fatigue
  • poor digestion
  • anxiety
  • irritability
  • feeling “burnt out.”

The reason for these symptoms is that humans were only meant to dip in and out of the fight or flight response for short periods of time. Now we are in a 24/7 stress bubble. We literally never slowdown unless we are sleeping, and even then, so many people struggle with sleep. Your mind can only recognize ‘stress’; it cannot distinguish between different types of stressors. Our mind is constantly on overdrive when we are under physical, emotional, or perceived stress.

If this sounds like you, in order for you to enjoy the opposite of many of the symptoms I mentioned, you will need to move out of the SNS into the PNS. This is easier said than done and is truly a feat worth your time and effort! ⁣

If you are in a survival state, you cannot heal. What does it mean to be in a “survival state”? Basically, the norm of the 21st century. And then, 2020 happened! Again, short term stress is normal, but when it has no beginning and end, that is when it can be a true detriment to your health. No, you cannot control what happens to you, but you can control how you choose to react and what you choose to be your non-negotiables.

We all need to have check in’s so that when we get into stress mode, we can reset DAILY. Honestly, having 3 anchors within my day helps me to go in and out of stressful times and then pull it right back. This doesn’t have to be the year of just survival; you can truly change & heal in a profound way and rebalance to gain resilience.

When our body is under stress, it cannot get the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals it needs- even when you eat the healthiest foods! Your body is truly trying it’s best to get everything it needs, but it simply cannot for the reasons ( stresses mentioned above ), or we are feeding it crap anyway – which just feeds the cycle and makes it even worse. The bottom line IS, our body is amazing, and stress is terrible for us.

My top tips for stress:

1️. Supplement:

Our body needs to be supported while we work on decreasing stressors. Take an activated multivitamin with methylated b vitamins – they are a must in supporting your body’s stress response, amongst other things. I’ve been using doTERRA’s Lifelong vitality pack for years, and it’s treated me well. Also, using oils and herbs to help our bodies deal with stress is key – Adaptiv oil and capsule + copaiba oil is my go-to.

2️. Reduce:

Yes, we can add in things to help with stress, but that’s only going to go so far if we don’t seek to reduce it. Routines and rhythms are something our body naturally seeks – we should seek that too. Get outside, go for a walk, laugh, read a book, get off the tv or social, take a bath – whatever helps. Control what you can control.

3️. Reset:

If you aren’t getting proper rest at nite it’s like a bazillion times worse on your body – it just puts even more stress on your body when that should be the time for it to renew and reset. Fight for that sleep. However, you can!

To help out with this, I do a few things. Complete darkness, cool room, limited screens before bed, and I take a scoop of magnesium via natural calm each nite. I also love to pop 2 serenity softgels and put 3 drops in the diffuser + vetiver on my feet. It’s a nature’s sleeping pill that works like a charm!

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