Why You Need to Practice Self-Love

Why You Need to Practice Self-Love

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The need of practicing self-love has become a common theme in our current social culture. We see more and more body-positivity posts, with the commercial industry showing us real people, as well as that circulating meme of “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.” These quotes are intended to inspire people to embrace themselves, but the question is, “Why is this so important?”.

Practicing self-love will bring positivity in your life from all angles. That is not to say that by practicing self-love, you will forever be happy. Sharon Martin, LCSW of Psych Central, explains that you have an overall positive view of yourself when you love yourself. This doesn’t mean you will always feel positive about yourself at every moment.

You will still experience a temporary feeling of upset, anger, or disappointment with yourself, but you will still love yourself. If this is confusing, think about how this works in other relationships, how you can love your family, although you may sometimes feel angry or disappointed with them.

Even in the midst of anger and disappointment, your love for them informs how you relate to them. It allows you to forgive, consider their feelings, meet their needs, and make decisions that will support their wellbeing. Self-love is essentially the same, only applied to yourself, and if you know how to love others, you know how to love yourself.

Aside from the emotional benefits of loving yourself, there are other, more tangible results that come from practicing self-love. By loving yourself, you can unleash your potential. Your mindset will be that of growth and endless possibilities. You will no longer make excuses or blame yourself for things out of your control. You will be able to tackle your goals head-on, and by knowing you can achieve your wildest dreams, you will go after them with no hesitation. You cannot outperform yourself image, so make your self-image one that is capable of massive success and ultimate happiness.

Self-love will result in the manifestation of whatever it is you want, be it a new love in your life, financial success, or that sought-after promotion. Now, what does manifestation mean?

Manifestation is asking for what you want and then expecting to receive it. It’s not as simple as just saying it to yourself but truly believing it and then applying it. When you truly believe you are capable of something, you will go after it, all guns blazing. You will have nothing holding you back in the attempt to achieve that desired goal. 

Next question: How to we convince ourselves that we are capable? There are some tools to use that can spark the belief in your subconscious mind. Visualization is a very effective way of framing your mind into believing any possibility. The practice of visualization should be intentional and specific. You need to see the image of your success in your pursuits so vividly that it is undeniable that it is real. This will mold your confidence into knowing your success is on the way.

I have manifested money, getting on the best sellers list, and an invitation to the home of Master Manifestation Coach, Bob Proctor. Now, as one of a select few of Bob Proctor’s top coaches, I have made over 1.6 Million dollars in the span of 10 months. This was all possible due to the core value of practicing self-love, and now I’m teaching others how to do the same.

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