seduce a man

How To Seduce a Man and Drive Him Crazy over Bed?

Men are very particular in their sexual desires and do not demand more. There are few hidden desires which you must understand for yourself. Their prime focus in bed is to satisfy their lady love, and they silently follow your lead for most of the time. They also require attention for attaining desirable sexual pleasure.  […]

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How to Solve Communication Gap

How to Solve Communication Gap In A Relationship

Relationships are quite susceptible to miscommunication and conflicts. A lot of people think of a relationship as a smooth sailing ship. But that’s not true. It is wrong to perceive relationships as a thread without any knot. You are not living in a fairyland where everything seems perfect. You are in a relationship where you […]

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woman orgasm

How To Describe An Orgasm For Those Who’ve Never Experienced It Before?

Those who have never experienced good orgasms may never get to know what it is like to achieve blissful orgasms. These women are always curious to know – what is an orgasm? What sex positions to try to acquire a mind-blowing orgasm? What it’s like to have multiple orgasms? Do both the partners need to […]

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Why Women Are More in Love with Wine than Men

Why Women Are Much Obsessed With Wine than Men

**This is a sponsored post** The phrase, “Diamonds are a woman’s best friend” is now old school. Be it parties, indoor get-togethers, or spending some alone time, you will always see a glass of wine is the perfect companion of women. This glass of sweet indulgence means different things to different women. Some women prefer […]

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wine matches your relationship

Relationships Are Like Wine: Everything You Need to Know

**This is a sponsored post** Who knew that the sweet indulgence of wine could tell you so much about your relationship? Your relationship with your favourite wine can reveal so many things about your relationship. If you’re a wine enthusiast, you know that every year, Independent wine awards are held with top wine experts who […]

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nudge theory

9 Nudge Theory Tested Examples to Give You “Life, Career and Savings” – Goals [Infographic]

In life, you may face situations and tasks that you don’t like as much as others. That could be working out after a long day at the office, or checking off a time-consuming task on your to-do list. Even though they may not be interesting to do, growing into your life and career requires you […]

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Thoughts To Help Keep Cold Feet At Bay On Your Wedding Day

Three Thoughts To Help Keep Cold Feet At Bay On Your Wedding Day

You have been dreaming of your wedding day ever since you were little, and now it’s finally time. The planning has been hectic/stressful until now, and everything has turned out great. It is just the way you imagined, and nothing will spoil your day. You are excited about everything…except cold feet.  So how do you […]

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