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How to Stop Missing Ex-Boyfriend? 10 Ways to Live Happily Again

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Ahhh! We got you, darling! We are here to help you stand back; we urge you to open your arms again, and we guide you to fly again withholding no regrets. Stop Missing That Missing Ex-Boyfriend!

Breakups are brutal. When you break up with someone, that pain pinches you like a hole in the chest, your mind stops working, you can’t run, and the only thing you need is ‘him’ to fill the space.

What happens when that someone special; someone close to your heart leaves you? Your mind juggles with his thoughts and memories, tears roll down your cheeks and you just can’t stop scrolling over the old pictures. Somewhere you feel empty and lost.

Promptly, every beautiful thing in your world seems to lose its colour, and everything is gloomy and grey, and you don’t think you’ll ever be able to see beyond the fog.

Still Missing Your Ex-boyfriend?

You want to move on from your ex-boyfriend but can’t help it. After all, you have put so much of love, effort and time into this relationship and swiftly that important person who once used to stay “I will never leave you and always keep you happy” gives you the reason to cry. And you mourn and grieve and try to make it through the day.

How To Stop Missing Your Ex-Boyfriend For Good?

stop missing your ex and feel okay

Is there still a probability you’re thinking to get back with your ex? Tell us would you be able to share that sweet-lovable bond again? This can be tricky to answer. However, going back to that person who broke up with you and left you in grief, doesn’t make any sense. It seems to enjoy reading the book again and again when you already know how the story ends.

Right now, you need space, time, clarity, and advice from a friend. So, here’s Morning Lazziness to your rescue.

If you’re trying to figure out what to do to stop missing your pesky ex-boyfriend, here are 10 ways to start living the life happily again.

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Stop blaming yourself:

All the ladies out there, we ask you to remember one thing: breakup is not the fault of a single person, both partners equally contribute and make mistakes – to end a relationship.

And if he cheated – that doesn’t mean you are not good enough, and that other woman is prettier, smarter or hot. You should not take all the things in the wrong sense. This kinda attitude brings unhealthy thoughts and makes you doubt yourself only.

In short, blaming yourself for all the damage will not heal the wounds; instead, it lowers your self-esteem.

Try not to contact your ex-boyfriend:

We understand what you’re going through, his absence is killing you and your heart is asking you to contact him and mend the things. Here comes the ‘no contact rule.’

According to this rule- One should avoid contacting her ex-boyfriend for at least 30 days. Doing this will also give him the chance to miss you, and in between, you get the time and space to clear your head. The 30 days no contact rule is useful for several reasons at the end gained your perspective and ability to build a healthier and happy place.

how to stop missing your ex

Just think about why you’re missing him:

What most you miss about your ex-boyfriend? The way he made you feel or the way he looks at you or the way he loves you. Was all of that a real missing feeling? When this question pops to your mind, the answers may come as a surprise.

This is the time when you need to analyze your feelings objectively and realize if you’re missing a beautiful bond or a habit. With the habit, you know what we mean – getting addicted to something. And yes, there is a difference, and in your heart, you will know it.

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Give priority to yourself:

Stop focusing on his needs, what he wants, and why you weren’t good enough for him. Focus on being the best of yourself. What are your needs? What do you want?

Think about – when was the last time you put your desires first and did all the things you wish for? While you were together, it was all about his happiness, making compromises and neglecting the little self-care things.

But, now, you are all free. This the time to look deep down within yourself and rediscover the things which make you happy.  

Set new goals, pursue your ambition, all for yourself. You know what the best part of being single is – that it’s all about you.

stop missing your ex

Stay busy:

This is so, so important. Sleeping hands are the devil’s plaything. The less time you get to remember your ex-boyfriend, the more time you get to analyzing the best things for yourself. All you need to replace his space in your heart by involving yourself in useful activities.

Useful activities to stay busy don’t mean spending hours and hours on scrolling on Instagram and checking him out. It means to keep working to fill your time and refuel yourself.

It can be hitting the gym, joining a baking class, learning a new hobby, getting into meditation, doing some volunteering work, and so on. Do the stuff that keeps your mind focused.

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Set some goals:

Staying busy to fulfil your time – is an excellent opportunity to pursue your goals. Putting energy and hard work in those long-term achievements that repay you and gain your confidence back is a unique way to start your journey of self-improvement.

No matter how long it will take you to stops you from missing your ex-boyfriend, you should be focused on your goals and let the time heals the wounds. Trust us; once you keep yourself busy, you no longer need a reason to look back.

stop missing your ex

Pen down your feelings:

You know writing things is the best way to get over emotions and beliefs. Pen down everything which is pinching you, how your relationship was, what you felt when he left you, express it all. But make sure not to mail or text him.

The same thing applies to the letter. You don’t have to send a tear-drop letter to your ex-boyfriend weekly. He doesn’t even bother to listen to your emotions also this, will not bring him back to you. You’re a brave girl, you’ll snap, like Britney in ’08.

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Spend more time with friends and family:

We understand the pain which is burning you. You are hell missing your ex-boyfriend. But, staying alone can worsen the situation. Hang-out with friends, talk to your siblings, go out with girlfriends, the friends-family therapy is better than consulting a professional therapist. Make sure when you are with your friends, avoid talking about him. The more you talk about him, the more you’ll think about him, and the more you’ll miss him. Give yourself a few days to get it all out and talk to all your friends.

All you need is to be surrounded by caring and loving people.

stop missing your ex

Travel to a new place:

When things get tough, moving from them sometimes considered as a good thing. You are running to find yourself; you’re taking a break from your routine.

Go and explore a new place, learn the local language, experience new things, and incredible welcome stuff with open arms. It’s a way to reset the system and softly you stop missing your ex-boyfriend. And who will even have time to miss that loser ex, when there’s so much to see?

Try not to torment yourself with reminders:

This is something you’re aware of but probably found it challenging to do. Wherever you turn around, you get to see your and ex-boyfriend picture, either on a bedside table or the refrigerator.

Just move all the visuals of your ex-boyfriend around the house and if they are pictures so burn them all. Throw away the jewellery, cute teddies,  sentimental gifts and of course the t-shirts which smell like him. Your house must have nothing which reminds you of him.

stop missing your ex

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And now!

If you want to move on stop missing your ex-boyfriend and start following the steps described in the article. Also,  keep your mind focused and put yourself first. Soon you will find a happy version of yours and who knows, someone else is waiting for you right at the corner of the road.

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