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8 Reasons Why People Ignore You

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What does it feel like to be ignored by the person you like the most?

Nobody likes the feeling of being ignored. It’s one of the worst and most irritating feelings in the world. If you keep asking such questions, why do people ignore me, then it’s time to look for the reasons why it’s all happening?

If you are feeling like people are ignoring you, enduring love, to you, because I can understand the feeling of ignorance. There was a time when my friends did not even talk to me; they shut me on my mouth; they asked me to change my behavior for them; at last, they make fun of me if I’m talking to someone who spoke to me. I was all alone, deep down shouting, screaming in pain, and asking myself, again and again, why am I getting ignored? What’s my fault? Shall I mean to change my preferences and who am I – as per others? My mind was juggling with multiple questions, just to find out the reasons of getting ignored. Additionally, ignoring was the only way I could get people’s attention.

Why did people ignore me?

As said by scholars – people are meant to cross the paths of life. Some people are destined to stay forever, while others come and give you a reason to not to believe in others. These are the people who not only kill the positive vibe also sabotage the expectations. These are the people who taught us the actual meaning of ignorance, who showed us the cruel face of the world.

Trust me, being ignored sucks. It even sucks more, when you don’t even know the reason why the hell other person is ignoring me? Till yesterday, my friend was talking to me nicely, politely, in short, we had a good time together. But, the next morning everything changed, in just a blink. He starts “ignoring” me, stops taking my calls, not responding to my messages, and that puts me a question on myself – all of a sudden, what shit happened? What wrong have I done, with which he is ignoring me? What things did I mean to change in myself?

Honestly, I hated the feeling of being ignored, and till today, am I keep changing and evolving in myself. After many years of working on oneself- if people still ignore me – I just screw them. Basically, ignorance can destroy the happiest relationships. If you wonder why people ignore you, then it’s time to figure it out. Let’s get to the bottom of this, so you have an answer when you wonder, why do people ignore me.

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You don’t listen to people:

It’s good to keep your point, but it’s better to listen at first. Your friends might have told you are a good listener, but that doesn’t mean you only keep your point and neglect others. Listening to others is also a great way to build up the relationship. Don’t annoy others with your talks only, be a little smart, and make an effort to start listening to others. 

Maybe you’re too needy:

People love to hang out with them who aren’t going to hold onto them like a ten-pound weight. If you constantly sound like asking help from friends at every other minute, they will boycott you. If you’re too needy, you’re a lot of work for other people. And it can quickly become suffocating. Back off a bit, and give the people around you some breathing room.

You criticize others a lot:

Though criticizing is good but up to an extent. People love to hear out their mistakes, not every time and of course not in front of thousands of people. If you focus much on constructive criticism, you’re not going to have too many friends left. Sometimes, people don’t want to be told what they’re doing isn’t a good idea. Sometimes, they just need support.

You are far from the bright side of life:

The world is full of beautiful things; you have to pick the positive things at the right time. Rather than being sticky to the negative thoughts, focus on things which can embellish life. And the thing is you too feel good about yourself. People will lean towards you. Perhaps, you get many real friends you wish for.

It’s never your fault:

You made up a perception in your mind that it can never be your fault. And, apologizing for the things is not your cup of tea. You have never been sorry, also consider it is a sign of weakness. The reality is, apologizing is a sign of maturity. If you blame others or are unable to admit your mistakes, the people around you will slowly fade away

You have become selfish:

Listen, you won’t get everything you wish for. And that’s your problem. With roaming throughout friends, only you want to do things which you want to, and if somebody disguises your opinion; you start throwing temper tantrum around. And after a while, it gets exhausting, that can probably be the reason you’re friends are ignoring you. It is as simple as that!

You’re being rude sometimes:

If you’re indulging in a fight because of your bad behaviour and wanting friends to help you out with it, then probably none of your friends is going to stand beside you. If you’re not polite when out in public and shaming people, you’re not going to have too many friends. Unless your friends are also like you. If you’re the one who always initiates drama, people get tired of it.

You are shy to express your feelings:

If you ever feel like your friends are ignoring you for no reason, then talk to them. Don’t keep the things hurting you inside. At least let your friends know you are feeling being ignored because distancing is not the right solution.

Never let ignorance hurt you mentally and emotionally. Whenever you feel like being ignored, just flush it out. Plus, it’s always a good thought to keep improvising oneself, regarding behaviour, thoughts, and personality.

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