Why are People so Afraid of Sharing Their Ideas

Why are People so Afraid of Sharing Their Ideas


Most people find it hard to speak out their minds and share their ideas or opinions for various reasons. Perhaps out of fear over what others may think of them or plain self-doubt. Either way, it’s vital to realize that most great notions are lost due to the fear of sharing ideas.

Humans are communal beings, such that we depend on each other to thrive. Living in groups helps us survive and develop much better. This may be why people find it hard to put themselves in a position where others would think less of them. 

Having doubt over the content of your ideas is what gives rise to the fear of being judged or dismissed by those around you. Being made fun of or ridiculed is also another thing that crosses a lot of folks’ minds when they think about sharing their ideas. 

What Are the Reasons Why People Don’t Share Their Ideas? 

We need to encourage a risk-taking attitude by ensuring we create safe spaces where people can speak up without judgment; Karagoldin is a fearful example of a woman who turned her idea into a successful business. She offers a safe space platform that promotes free thinking and sharing.

Below are the reasons why people don’t like to share their ideas with anyone.

The Fear of Being Judged

You may be self-conscious about your idea or just value it too much to put it in a position where people can critique it. So you may choose not to share to avoid anyone ruining the greatness around it that is embedded in your head. 

Why are People so Afraid of Sharing Their Ideas

Sharing your idea may subject you to some level of vulnerability, but that is the only way to face the reality of your thoughts and allow yourself to test the value of that particular idea truly. It’s vital to realize that any feedback received, whether negative or positive, can use it for the betterment of your thoughts.

Fear of Competition

Sometimes you may feel threatened by those around you over their abilities. You may assume that sharing your idea may cause others to try and come up with suggestions on how to better the idea and eventually make it seem like their idea. 

It’s alright to feel somehow possessive towards your thoughts; however, you should never let that deter you from sharing. The results may be better than you expect. 

Being Scared to Fail

It’s easier to avoid speaking since you can only fail by trying, and if you stay quiet, you can’t fail. It’s more comfortable to stay quiet than to risk putting yourself out there to be judged. It may seem like a good choice but on the contrary, staying quiet means sitting on your ideas which means you will not utilize them to achieve any of your goals. 

You ought to just come out and go for it; after all, what is the worst thing that could happen? It can’t certainly be that bad.

Lacking Self-confidence

Having confidence in yourself will also help you feel strongly about your ideas, and you will be able to share them freely. When you let go of self-doubt, you get to trust in your abilities as well as your ideas.

Why are People so Afraid of Sharing Their Ideas

You just need to focus on what you aim to achieve; sharing your thoughts can help bring more perspective into the idea, which may improve it to a better version.

Fear of People Stealing the Ideas

Aside from the fear of being rejected and ridiculed, the second most common reason why people fear sharing ideas is that others may steal them. Sharing your idea is your personal choice. Therefore, you decide what best step to take. However, the best way to achieve your goals with your idea is by sharing, but when you feel like keeping it to yourself helps keep the idea safe, it might not get anywhere and could end up dying. 

An idea is only useful when put into play and implemented successfully. Once you see your idea at work, you won’t worry anymore about keeping it safe.

Best Action to Take

Sharing knowledge is important as it is through this means that most aspects of life can be improved. Having these fears can hinder a lot of good from coming out of your idea.