Over time, the development of these hobbies will leave you with a meditative task that you can go to whenever you have a stressful day.

How to de-stress Your Workweek

Wake, work, sleep, repeat. Wake, work, sleep, repeat. If you feel like your work-life has gotten out of hand— dipping into every moment of free time available, and endlessly stretching into the horizon— then, you need to start setting boundaries between work and the rest of your life. I know it’s much easier said than […]

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Feeling Lonely and Alone

Feeling Lonely and Alone? Here are 18 Things to Do

Do you feel depressed lately? Are you feeling lonely and alone? If for some reason you are broken inside, please know that you will be alright. Sometimes, you may feel like no one cares about you—especially at times when you are down. It could be a discouraging and lonely emotion. It seems like you have […]

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