dating in Asia

Dating in Asia: How Is It Different From The Rest of the World

The dating scene in Asia has been changing and yet it is traditional. The change is in terms of the platforms used to meet new people and some thinking. It is still traditional because most people date to find long term relationships like marriage at some point. Very few date casually without thinking about marriage. […]

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women hairstyle

6 Romantic Hairstyles For Your Valentine’s Date Night

Valentine’s Day is approaching and we know how it is – if you’re single, your nearest and dearest are asking you when you are going to find a date, and if you’re not, you’re trying to organize the dreamiest date night. Whether you’re celebrating Galentine’s or Valentine’s, you need to make sure you’re looking your […]

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couple dating

Why Physical Attraction Matters When It Comes to Dating

You probably already know it, but let us state the obvious – the majority of people tend to be extremely judgmental on other people based merely on their physical appearance. This is the case with millions of men and women, which means that your looks truly play a huge role when it comes to dating. […]

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