reads for woman

Contemporary Reads for Modern Day Women

Gone are the stereotypical days of humdrum cookbooks and misogynistic fashion reads. Times have changed, just like the modern-day women. Their agendas behind reading are altogether replaced. Campy articles on how to look fairer in 7 days or how to dress up correctly for a first date are history. Instead, they prefer cultural commentary, uncovering […]

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beauty care guide

Beauty Begins At Kitchen-10 Home Remedies for Glowing Skin

By and by, beauty skincare has gotten especially vital, as people are buying more face-creams than fashion products. According to the retail execution data platform Skypad, which tracks retailers, including retail chains, fashion sales dropped by 42% from March 22 to 29. This was an enormous plunge than beauty skincare products, which declined by 32% […]

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female-led relationship

What is Female-led relationship- Facts You Need To Know?

The female-led relationship is based on women’s authorities. In this relationship, the women initiate, lead, and make decisions. In our society man is the dominant figure and has the power to rule. People believe that a relationship is more forceful and coherent if driven by a man. But now everything has changed over time and […]

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women confident

13 Tips To Feel Confident In Your Body Image? Revealing The Secrets

Feeling confident from inside has become the door-key to many life problems.  How many of you wake up by saying – “Hello! Beautiful, it’s your day, let’s make it big” around 50% of women while others lack behind, because of no support, and precisely hating who they are. These are the women who feel wrong […]

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