Thoughts To Help Keep Cold Feet At Bay On Your Wedding Day

Three Thoughts To Help Keep Cold Feet At Bay On Your Wedding Day

You have been dreaming of your wedding day ever since you were little, and now it’s finally time. The planning has been hectic/stressful until now, and everything has turned out great. It is just the way you imagined, and nothing will spoil your day. You are excited about everything…except cold feet.  So how do you […]

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Indiscretion Detention

Chapter 4: Indiscretion Detention- How To Deal With A Cheating Husband

You kept ringing his phone but could not get an answer. He has been hiding his social media page without good reason. He will not engage with you in conversation and can barely look at you in the eye. Then you are hit with the evidence; he has been cheating. Whether you found out or […]

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Polyamorous Relationship

What is A Polyamorous Relationship? Types & Its Drawback

What is Polyamory? Polyamory is the act of engaging in more than one sexual relationship with the consent of both the participants. That means that if you or your partner is involving in sexual and consensual interaction with a third person and your spouse has no obligations, it stated as a polyamorous relationship. Types of […]

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how to deal with lie in marriage

Chapter 3: Love VS Lies: Who Plays A Bigger Role In Marriage?

Marriage can be an incredible empire, but when troubles erupt, it can also be an intense battlefield for conflicts—often bringing to light the many complexities that can either damage a union or strengthen it. Some couples can tolerate the little lies, but what about the more significant lies we can handle? Should we summon the […]

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