toxic relationship

8 Signs of A Toxic Relationship

Who doesn’t love to be cherished and pampered in a relationship? With few expectations, two individuals come close to each other, get physically and emotionally connected. But, things get frightful when one partner becomes aggressive, deprecated, and starts behaving dysfunctionally, and that becomes another partner’s worst nightmare. These subtle signs say that your relationship has […]

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10 Tips to Make Your Relationship Happily Ever After

People perceive a relationship as a rainbow that appears to be bright and beautiful. But they don’t know that the rainbow is formed only after fulfilling certain conditions. The same applies to a relationship. You can’t have a strong and healthy relationship unless you do everything in a certain way. However, not everyone knows what […]

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How to Solve Communication Gap

How to Solve Communication Gap In A Relationship

Relationships are quite susceptible to miscommunication and conflicts. A lot of people think of a relationship as a smooth sailing ship. But that’s not true. It is wrong to perceive relationships as a thread without any knot. You are not living in a fairyland where everything seems perfect. You are in a relationship where you […]

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Married And Still lonely? 6 Ways To Overcome Loneliness

You feel that the ‘We’ part of your marriage has turned into ‘I and You’? Even after staying in the same house, you two feel distant? ‘Happily ever after’ seems to fade away? These are the signs which tell couples, after living together, are not together anymore. How does this stage come in a happily […]

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Top 6 Wedding Planning Apps To Plan A Perfect Event

As thrilling as the idea of marrying the love of your life, planning weddings can be quite a nuisance. There are numerous intricate details, the never-ending deadlines, guest lists, and clothing dilemmas to deal with – it is certainly a commendable feat if you can plan your wedding without getting stressed.  The stress and excitement […]

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