reads for woman

Contemporary Reads for Modern Day Women

Gone are the stereotypical days of humdrum cookbooks and misogynistic fashion reads. Times have changed, just like the modern-day women. Their agendas behind reading are altogether replaced. Campy articles on how to look fairer in 7 days or how to dress up correctly for a first date are history. Instead, they prefer cultural commentary, uncovering […]

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beauty care guide

Beauty Begins At Kitchen-10 Home Remedies for Glowing Skin

By and by, beauty skincare has gotten especially vital, as people are buying more face-creams than fashion products. According to the retail execution data platform Skypad, which tracks retailers, including retail chains, fashion sales dropped by 42% from March 22 to 29. This was an enormous plunge than beauty skincare products, which declined by 32% […]

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yoni massage

6 Reasons Why Your Vagina Requires a Yoni Massage

What is Yoni? Based on tantric tradition, one is Sanskrit for vulva and contrasts to “sacred portal” or even “sacred cave,” says Isis Phoenix, a somatic sexologist that specializes in your massage. “A yoni also known as Yonee massage therapy is a service in which a woman is encouraged to grab touch on her vulva,” […]

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