How Psychedelics Work for Yoga & Meditation

How Psychedelics Benefit Yoga & Meditation

Health and wellness are becoming important factors in modern society. People are probing into alternative medicine to improve their health. For people who use mushrooms, Canada is the place to get the best quality products.  The medical world has realized that health is not merely the lack of physical illness but also encompasses emotional and psychological well […]

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workout at home

Smart Ways To Practice A Normal Workout During Quarantine

Being in quarantine due to any specific reason becomes a challenge for any age group of people. Reasons to stay in quarantine very like these days it’s because of the Coronavirus crisis. So, to remain in quarantine is itself best to keep yourself safe and sound by taking some precautionary measures.  Staying in quarantine indeed […]

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Yoga & Meditation

Surprising Benefits Of Yoga And Meditation | For Body And Soul

The best of living with joy:  Yoga And Meditation “Yoga is the dance of every cell With the music of every breath That creates inner serenity and harmony.” From the breakfast table to the time till we are back in our bed at night, our mind stays occupied. We keep hustling inside and outside. The […]

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COVID-19: 5 Ways To Stay Busy And Healthy At Home

COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus, has become a global pandemic that has forced millions to stay at home and not go outside for work, activities, education, or sports. This can be draining both physically and mentally knowing that you can’t leave your home and interact with the world!  There are things that you can […]

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couples exercise

Sweat Together, Stay Together: How To Exercise As A Couple

We all know that engaging in some physical activities such as going to the gym, jogging, cycling or taking a Zumba, yoga and pilates class has plenty of physical and mental health benefits. Moreover, working out regularly with your better half has plenty of advantages in your romantic relationship as well. To start exercising together […]

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