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How To Submit Pitches To Morning Lazziness?

Want to write for Morning Lazziness? We would love to hear from you. We are always looking for inspiring writers (experts) who are enthusiastic and love to spread their voice to thousands. If you want to get your unusual pitch feature on our platform. These are the categorize we cover – love, sex & relationship, personal essays, fashion & lifestyle.

Send us the written draft at or

In any pitch to Morning Lazziness, please include the following: Write to us

  • Include your title in the subject headline.
  • Make sure your piece is 1,000 words long.
  • A 2-3 sentence description of the angle of the piece.
  • Your author bio consisting: website and social media links and photo (if applicable)
  • Your post should contain an interesting or catchy title and be SEO-friendly.
  • All posts must be focused on quality with the idea of adding value for our readers.
  • The content may be based on research, facts, or experience.
  • The content must cover the topic in detail, as we do not accept incomplete content- relevant to the subject matter of our site.
    When quoting others, you must cite the source.
  • We reserve the right to add affiliate links or advertising in or around a guest post.

What kind of posts we are looking for? Pretty much anything:

  • Love, Marriage & Relationship Guides
  • Dating Tips and Ideas

What we don’t accept:

  • We don’t accept articles related to health supplements, diet pills etc.
  • The article must not be promotional. i.e promoting a specific brand or product.

What you will get with becoming a guest blogger on Morning Lazziness –

  • Authorship credit for the post.
  • The opportunity to include a short bio at the end of your post consisting- your website and social media accounts.

Some quick rules/guidelines

  • No porn links!
  • No duplicate content –it takes 30 seconds to check, so please don’t waste mine or your own time
  • Content must be in English and make sense

Our Purpose

Morning Lazziness goal is to create, produce, support, and promote the best dating advice on the web. We exist to help single men and women become better daters. We also exist to spread the world’s best dating and relationship advice, news and information. We strive to be the connection between the world’s most knowledgeable experts with single men and women that need it most.

Our Content

Honest. Straight-forward. Action-oriented. Informative. Morning Lazziness prides itself on honest and informative content to help modern singles become better daters.

We accept content that represents a wide range of experiences, diverse viewpoints, and writing styles. The goal is to be helpful, optimistic, honest, and actionable.

Our Tone

Friendly, upbeat, encouraging, optimistic, open-minded, and professional. We all know what it’s like to single, and we look for pieces that readers can relate to. We want, the head-nodding, that’s a good point, never thought of it that way type of thought pieces that offer key takeaways that singles can put to use in their love lives.

Frequently Asked Questions: Write For Us

Q: Will I get paid for my writing?
A: Writing for the Morning Lazziness Guest Post program is an unpaid position. In exchange for your contributions, you will get a byline on every post you write and an author bio that can include links to your website and social media profiles.

Q: Can I post my articles on my site or other sites?
A: You are not supposed to use the piece once it gets published on our site, but feel free to post on all your social media channels.

Q: If I submit a guest post, is it guaranteed to get published?
A: We want to publish as many high-quality posts as we can, but we cannot guarantee that we will publish every guest post. We receive tons of guest posts every day, so if you didn’t hear from us back within seven days, you’re free to use the piece where ever you want!