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5 Reasons Why You Should Have Morning Sex?

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Waking up next to your favorite person and indulging in cuddling that leads to a steamy sex session is an excellent way to kick-start the day and make you ready to take on the world!

What could be better than Morning Sex? Though SEX is SEX, Morning Sex is more addictive than coffee and much tastier than breakfast.

Morning sex has become the second-most lovely thing among couples. Personally, being crazy about morning sex, it keeps me positive and attentive throughout the day. Till the time I don’t reach home, I kept thinking about my partner, and by the time when we’re both at home, it’s likely with a rush we jump to the bed, craving for more.

Why is morning the best time of day for Sex?

It’s an old age conflict, Morning Sex vs. Evening Sex. Usually, men wake up aroused, so morning is the prime time. On the other hand, women love to have evening sex, when they are free from household chores, and children are put to bed. Most of the couples use the morning to enjoy lovemaking in spite of all the tired barriers and all. So why did this happen?

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Testosterone difference:

Between six and nine o’clock in the morning, men do experience a spike in their testosterone, and to capitalize it, a good morning erection is necessitating. Whereas women do have a low amount of testosterone in the morning as compared to the evening.


We women generally prefer to clean ourselves after intimating, and for goodness sake. We barely can’t sleep in those sweat and genital odor, so for us, early morning sex comes with tons of benefits. Since men are not much into the sense of smell, all they want to wrap around the warm body of their love and feel the closeness.

The difference in hormone cycle:

Men can experience a 25-50% difference daily in their morning testosterone. However, women don’t experience such changes in testosterone daily, but at the time of ovulation – it may increase to a dramatic level as what men experience.

Morning Sex gives the body a tremendous boost to have a beautiful day! 

So, here are the pulses that allow you to make the most of morning sex.

Early is better:

Opening your eyes gently, watching your love stroking your back, complimenting your naked body, and kissing your neck, rubbing your genitals, rolling his hands all over your sexy body. Can you imagine a better way to wake up in the morning?

Morning Sex is appealing and refreshing; your body is also very receptive to touching and cuddling. Early morning sex is always great, and after sex, the hormone vasopressin rises, prompting men to feel a more emotional attachment.

Well rested:

You both have 8 hours of good sleep. That means your body is recharged and ready for the day. Also, you are having morning sex, and your body feels tingly and excited. The house is quiet, which adds excitement to the sex; you can go for more than one round, and each round orgasms brings a mindblowing feeling that even the deepest nap cannot beat. Have Morning Sex. You’ll still have plenty of energy left over for the workday.

Strengthen the Immune system:

Sex is always good, it’s a cure to many health hazards from keeping the immune system fit to the medicine of glowing skin. Morning Sex even enhances infection-fighting antibodies in the body. So, invest in Good Morning Sex. 

Great way to burn extra calories: A Good Morning Sex = 30 minute Cardio.

What a great way to stay fit and healthy? Every time you do sex, you burn those extra calories, so instead of rushing to the gym early morning, spend some time with your love on the bed.

Sex is like an exercise. It releases a good hormone named Endorphins. Endorphins are released into the bloodstream to reduce anxiety and stress. So, if you are dealing with early morning headaches and aches, sex can work as wondrous pain-reliever. It will instantly turn on your mood with a great big smile on the face.

No one never tried to refuse early morning sex:

Sex does not require you to be rocket science. So, why people beg off having sex? Maybe you had a tough day at work, not feeling good, mood-swings. These are common reasons people use when they are least interested in having sex at night, mainly. But, when it comes to gorgeous morning sex, its time to show your skills, as the sun rises, trigger yourself. You both wake up fresh from the sleep, so don’t let the work be an excuse.

Hence, the secret for healthy and glowing skin is right under the sheets. Make intense foreplay, and spend time in post-morning-sex cuddling session.

Note: Each of us has a favorite time of the day when our energy levels so high that we just couldn’t resist good sex. So, talk to your partner. And when that happens, you both win. 

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