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How to Date Safely During the Pandemic

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Dating is tricky even in the best of times. Singles are drowned with love hacks: how-to’s, and do’s and don’ts of finding the perfect partner and avoiding common pitfalls. Throw in a global pandemic with social distancing and mask-wearing directives, and fears of a highly contagious virus with no cure, and you’re faced with an even more complicated dating landscape.

Building intimacy, whether that be emotional or physical, requires a connection of some sort. We need to have some form of contact to experience closeness with our dating prospects—being in their physical space, a hug, holding hands, a kiss—for us to have the full experience of them.

Yet our reality has been drastically shifted by the risks of contracting coronavirus. Daters have to temporarily adjust their approach to developing intimacy and the way in which they make connections. Following advisories and guidelines on social distancing is of utmost important at this time to protect ourselves and those around us.

How to Date Safely During the Pandemic

While bunkering down in our homes and riding out the pandemic, there’s been a bit of a journey for those who are single and ready to mingle as they navigate the safest and most effective way to meet new people. While there are a plethora of dating apps to choose from, there’s something to be said for dating smarter. While some apps offer a sea of potential matches to swipe on, there is a common theme approaching: authenticity and compatibility. 

Casual relationships and hook-ups have become less favorable during the pandemic because of the risks of making contact with others, causing singles to look for meaningful connections. While some apps ensure swiping fatigue or waving on tantalizing matches that don’t result in much, Say Allo, is an app built for those seeking genuine and long-lasting connections; offering singles a “relationship discovery” platform for those looking to find someone they’re compatible with, with whom they have chemistry.

How to Date Safely During the Pandemic

Innovative features such as compatibility reports and indexes, developed using cutting edge technology based on behavioral psychology, increases the odds of singles finding their perfect match. Developers of the app created this fully functional app with customized functions, knowing that daters need a lot more than photos and a short blurb to find that ideal partner. Now more than ever, singles are requiring apps to be more efficient, wiser, and intentional. It’s more imperative than ever that all dating apps take their audience seriously in this unprecedented time. 

Another online dating tool that has gained popularity during the pandemic is virtual dating. More and more singles are embracing video dating as a viable substitute for in-person encounters. Dates on Zoom and FaceTime offer a convenient platform to develop deeper connections. Seeing someone, even if virtually, eradicates pre-date doubts about whether or not you’ll like your match and have chemistry with them. 

Meeting your matches on the app through video proves that they are real, transparent, and honest—and without having to give out personal information such as your phone number, adding an extra layer of security.

There is also another option for those who frequently suffer from swiping burnout and scrolling through random profiles that are not a good fit for them: video speed dating. Virtual speed dating events such as the ones hosted by Say Allo Live, arrange mini-video dates where users have the opportunity to meet compatible matches based on their preferences they listed in the initial pre-screening dialogue before an event takes place.

How to Date Safely During the Pandemic

In addition to the exciting prospect of meeting ten customized matches, virtual speed daters experience anticipation as they wait to meet each one, in the app’s unique setup. Before a date is revealed, user profiles begin to unblur while responding to questions that are designed to break the ice between the two users.

In addition to using these Safer at Home video dating features singles should keep these guidelines in mind when venturing out there into the quarantine dating world:

  • Become a mindful dater by using this time to reflect on what’s important to you in relationships and how it guides your choices.
  • Engage in self-care practices and occasionally treat yourself to feel your best. If you feel isolated, reach out to friends and family and schedule virtual dates with them.
  • Make the most of your video sessions with your dating prospects. Ask meaningful questions and get creative—schedule a movie date, candlelight dinner, or happy hour. 
  • If you do decide to meet in person, meet at a public park, to walk or hike, while social distancing. Always use discretion and realize the risks involved. 

In going through a pandemic, we are living in an unprecedented time. We need to be more intentional, authentic, and mindful of time, space, health, and each other. Finding a more fun and engaging experience like speed dating on Say Allo Live allows singles to experience the butterflies-in-stomach effect from meeting someone new, in a safe and convenient way, while delivering on compatible connections. 

Even if the world is shut down, you can still make serious headway in your love life without having to expose yourself to the current risks of dating in-person because of COVID-19. You can still meet singles without having to leave home and avoid the lonely lockdown blues. 

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