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From Dry Dating to Eclipsing- 33 Modern Dating Terms, You Definitely Need To Know


“A Dating Dictionary for your comfort”

The dating world changes rapidly, and keeping up with trends, terms, and sayings can be challenging.

GenZ and their love for dating apps have circulated a huge number of terms we use to describe our dating life. And nowadays, it’s really hard to tell if someone is getting ghosted or caspered! (So much variety…ugh)

It can be a little confusing for us to get the clearer meaning of each dating term. To make it easier for you, we have enlisted every trending term related to dating life. 

So, let’s jump right into this dictionary for dating dilemmas!

Soft Ghosting

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“Soft ghosting” is when someone simply ‘likes’ your message instead of responding. This is a clear sign that your date isn’t interested in even small talks and will ghost you eventually but in a very simple way. Beware! If you already have someone who does this. 



People commonly select the same type of person repeatedly but expect different results, which is referred to as ground-hogging. It’s just the opposite of untyping, where people date others who are not their type.

Dry Dating

As we know, consuming alcohol does make you feel a bit more straightforward and honest, but the trend has changed.

Dry Dating is a form of dating in which the dates don’t drink alcohol. It helps them remain sober and understand each other better without any influence from alcohol.


There’s always a choice! But it can be tough to manage two or more relationships at the same time. So similar to sports, they bench the person and give them a chance when the former partner isn’t their cup of tea.

Putting an ongoing relationship on hold to pursue a more promising one is called “benching.”


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This ex won’t contact you, neither plans on coming back together with you but keeps on checking your social media handles. But will just make you aware of his/her presence.

The ghoster keeps stalking your social media even after no longer contacting you directly, this is termed as haunting.

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Are You Dating a Married Man? The Truth You Need To Know

Your date keeps you hidden by not introducing you to his/her family and friends, and also by not adding you to social media.

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It doesn’t always mean they are unsure about you, it can also happen when your date is just not ready to take the relationship to the next level because they are insecure about it.


Have you seen a solar or lunar eclipse? Definitely yes! 

So just like how the moon covers up the sun, people who eclipse adopt the interests and even personality quirks of their crushes in place of their own. So as to make their crush think that they have a lot in common.


“HE’s Back! Oh! She is Here Again!”

You must have experienced or heard similar lines when your ex shows up out of the blue. Like after the breakup they went missing and suddenly came back to life just like a zombie.

Zombieing is the reemergence of your ex after he or she ghosted you.


Have you accidentally liked your crush’s or ex’s 3 years old post because you were stalking him/her? Well, you were orbiting!

Orbiting is a way for people to show their interest in a former fling either by liking their posts or sending snaps and many other things.

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Love Bombing

Why Physical Attraction Matters When It Comes to Dating

When you get loads of gifts, texts, messages, surprises, or in short attention only to see all of that getting stopped eventually, you got love bombed. It’s like getting ghosted but with lots and lots of gifts and cute memories that came in like a storm.


As a kind of dating hibernation, ‘cuffing’ refers to the period during the year when people group up for the winter.

For the cuddles maybe, to get through the rough patch of winters and as soon as the season goes, the relationship goes away as well. 


The word whelm comes to mind when a dating app match tells you that they’re exhausted and overwhelmed with all of their matches on the platform, or their dating lives in general.


People who play as caring about the same social issues as you in order to attract your attention and date you while in fact they’re just faking it. 


‘Caking’ is a slight variation on flirting that involves interacting more sweetly and receptively with the person you’re trying to connect with.



Being ‘ghosted’ involves you becoming totally inaccessible through all channels of communication by your love interest, but getting ‘cloaked’ means you have been blocked on every dating app and they have simply just unmatched you.

Cookie Jarring

You have been ‘cookie-jarred’ if you have been seeing someone but have not defined the relationship and you then find out that they have been seeing someone else behind your back.


Where do you live? What do you do? Where does your family live? Why did you go to that college? The list of questions is endless. 

If a date feels more like a job interview than natural flirting, we call that a daterview, where it’s just you and hundreds of questions continuously thrown at you.

Next On Deck

Similar to being in line for a job, having someone be ‘next on deck’ means you’re thinking of them if the current option does not work out. It’s an updated form of benching. Where the person keeps on changing people to try every variety.

Slow Fade

It is a long-term version of ghosting where the decrease in texts and calls from your ex is seen over a longer period of time.

Slow ghosting and slow fading are quite similar but differ by the amount of time the ghoster takes to ghost you.

Fast Forwarding

Not everyone wants to take it slow. If it’s meant to be it will be no matter how fast they grow their intimacy.

The initial dating period goes by faster since people spend less time getting to know each other.


You know you’re being roached when you’re seeing someone who secretly dates or sleeps with other partners. Terrible isn’t it? 

Just like cockroaches are seen in groups, this kind of date too has not just one but multiple partners. So you might be one of them as well.

HardBall Dating

When you do hard-ball dating, you tell your potential partner upfront and center exactly what you want from the relationship.

If you want just emotional support or no strings attached, or maybe a situationship, keeping it clear makes your relationship more comfortable for both of you.


5 Things You Need To Consider Today Due to An Increase In Online Dating

When someone uses a fake accent or dialect to impress potential matches on dating apps, they are voicefishing.

This one is a trending scam on digital meetings only because it’s so easy to find out a person faking an accent in real life.


In short, kittenfishing is referring to people who might not be lying on their dating profiles but maybe make a few tales up here and there.

They might be a good swimmer but wouldn’t have won a state-level competition, still, they’ll be boasting about it.


No one wants the complications and hardships of handling a relationship.

Breezing is all about having fun and relaxing while staying open and honest with the people you are seeing.


Getting together with someone who owns a home. It has its own perks. You never have to book a hotel to share private moments, you can enjoy late-night movie binging and this also provides a strong financial connection.

If you prefer your date to have a house, then you are probably an accommodator.


The term suggests bringing back the excitement of dating after the pandemic restricted dating. Pandemic affected every aspect of our lives and relationships were one of them. 

So rejuvenating a dull relationship is the first thing we did to improve our dating life and liberating is all about that.


LongDez Vous

Why rush in maintaining a relationship? 

A long Dez-Vous is a date that lasts longer to forge deeper connections. Both the person takes time to get to know each other and slowly form a better understanding and relationship.


Some people are more attracted to tall and dark people while others are to someone who is good-looking and intelligent. 

Everyone has a type that they believe is perfect for them.

But there are instances where they fall for the ones who are no way near to their so-called perfect compatible type. Dating a person who’s not your type specifically is known as untyping.


When someone undermines your confidence by insulting you with a backhanded compliment, it is called negging. For example, when your date says, ‘You look pretty but yellow doesn’t suit your color tone’. That’s kind of an insulting compliment to be honest.


It’s Corona plus Honesty, where people don’t ask typical questions as they have already done that during the pandemic time and try to be brutally true with their love interests.

The Hey-Ter

Usually, a person gets really turned off if a match initiates a convo with a hey or hi instead of a pickup line or some eye-catching phrase. It shows that the match is just not their type.

When you ignore anyone who starts a conversation with “hey”, it makes you a hey-ter (as in hater). 


It refers to people celebrating their freedom and embracing being single after a breakup.

Going to different events, enjoying with friends, dating new people every single week, it’s all about having fun and enjoying singlehood.

This concludes our list of the phrases you must know to be an expert in dating or even advising someone about it.

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