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5 Reasons, Why Australia Is a Must-Visit For A Single Guy

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Nowadays dwelling being single has become a trend. People like the idea of being emotionally independent. This freedom allows one to have deeper experiences of self-awareness and discover things that would make them happy. Happiness is often an attribute struggled to be experienced in one’s lifetime. Some people find happiness in eating their favourite food while others find it in seeing the world. 

If you are a single guy, seeking for happiness, you must visit Australia. There are many articles available online that list thing you can do in this beautiful country. Most of these things are activity related such as surfing, hiking, paragliding, ski jumping and a lot more. But if you are not the adventurous types, then here’s a list of things you can do to have a good time in Australia;

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Visit a sanctuary

Australia sanctuary

If you are in Australia and you haven’t met the Koalas, you are missing out a big deal. These beautiful creatures are gentle and loving, often giving its spectators an ‘aww’ moment to cuddle up with their partner and fall in love, all over again. Apart from the koalas, there is a lot of fauna like the legendary Kangaroos you can hand-feed at the sanctuary.

Take a walk at Melbourne

The city of Melbourne will never cease to surprise you, even if you visit it the 50th time. You can experience art on the streets of Melbourne in the form of the mesmerising wall- graffiti. The art so vivid, you would like to share this enthralling experience with a loved one. But if you are single, you can stand a chance to meet a beautiful girl in Melbourne and have a good time. 

Shopping in Australia

boy shopping

Shopping can often be confusing and what better way to shop, than take a companion along to make a wise decision on what not to buy. The famous Queen Victoria market offers the most atmospheric shopping experience. It showcases the city’s vibrant culture and the vivid personalities of the locals. If you are single and looking for a local to help you around with some bargaining, you can opt for Melbourne’s top escort services to ensure a good deal. 

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Taste the coffee

When in Australia, drink like one, and with this, we mean coffee. Yet another must-do on your list should be a visit to the local street coffee shops in the city. Melbourne has a strong coffee culture which can be witnessed as no alley goes empty without a coffee shop. After a tiring day of shopping or walking on the streets, admiring art, a cup of coffee can do wonders to get you up on your feet for the fun night that awaits. 

Bar crawls to meet someone special

Australia bar

Melbourne has a strong culture of bar crawls. Here, you can try out some of the most experimental cocktails that can challenge your taste buds and your sanity. If you are single, you may also come across beautiful girls in Melbourne who shall be willing to buy you a drink or take you on a city tour. If it’s late evening, what can be a better place than the charming Melbourne Amusement Park to lighten up your date? 

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