7 Plants that Will Grow Better in Your Bathroom and How To Take Care Of Them

7 Plants that Can Grow All the Year-Around in Your Bathroom and How To Take Care Of Them

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Caring for your home plants is a crucial part of their upkeep. Adding a bit of nature into your home is excellent until the leaves start to fade away and fall off. Keeping on top of their health is essential yet quite challenging. 

All plants require different types of care. Some need more maintenance than others. In contrast, some require more humidity and more daylight than the rest. 

Sprucing up your bathroom with greenery is an easy way to add freshness and improve the room’s air quality. The bathroom is a space where plants can thrive due to airflow, humidity, and daylight. 

If you are looking for bathroom plants but unsure which to choose and how to care for them, here’s more:

1. Chinese Evergreen 

Chinese evergreen

If you are looking for a plant that will survive with minimal effort, the Chinese Evergreen is one of the best options. This large leaf tropical plant belongs to the Algaonmena family, who love humidity and can endure dry air. If you forget to water it, the Chinese Evergreen will not die away quickly as some plants can. 

This plant can grow up to four feet tall and is an excellent option for a large bathroom plant centerpiece. The Algaonmena family requires low and indirect sunlight so that you can position it in those neglected corners. 

2. Cast-Iron Plant

cast iron plant

For another plant that needs minimal care, a cast-iron plant is a great option. It is a rare tropical plant that does not require constant humidity to survive. Similarly, it can tolerate a range of lighting or low indirect light. Hence, it is ideal for bathrooms that do not get used too often. 

The cast-iron leaves are dark green, which can often bloom small flowers. But, this is rare when grown inside. For the best care, keep the soil damp and ensure an efficient drainage system is in place.

3. Fern


The fern plant is an attractive choice for adding unique colors to the bathroom. Fern leaves vary in color from light to dark green, depending on the species and care. 

A great benefit of the fern plant is that it can tolerate a range of heat. So, if your bathroom often varies from very hot to cool temperatures, it will not die. The plant can endure humid climates, such as in the shower. Add a touch of nature to every corner of the bathroom with the fern plant. It is an ideal choice for anywhere in a bathroom. 

4. Orchids

orchids plant

For those who like to add a bit of color to their interior, orchids are the perfect bathroom option. Orchids belong to the Orchidaceae family and love humid temperatures.  

They bloom best when left in direct sunlight. Although, orchids can survive with moderate light. A bathroom window is an ideal place to position an orchid to receive the most care and attention it needs. 

5. Asparagus Fern 

Asparagus Fern

Asparagus Fern is the right choice for those who love plants that take up space. The plant has a mind of its own and grows in height and width. 

It requires direct sunlight or artificial lighting. So, a window seal or under lights is the best positioning for the best growth. Unlike most plants, the asparagus fern only needs potting every few years. While potted, the plant will need regular watering and damp soil to sustain its best health. 

6. Begonia


The begonia plant is for those who love color and uniqueness. Its leaves can vary from dark to light green and often grow leaf spots or small flowers. 

For the best care and results, begonias love bright natural light and regular watering. They can suffer from too much watering, so dampening the soil every so often is enough to keep them healthy. To get frequent blooms from the begonia plant, ensure they receive direct sunlight. An excellent place to keep them is in the window or somewhere the light hits in the morning. 

7. Bamboo


For more uniqueness, the bamboo plant is a popular choice. It grows twisted branches and adds character to any space. It is also effortless to care for if you are someone who struggles with plant upkeep. 

Bamboo requires around six hours of daylight exposure. So, a window or a central location that receives light is best. Bamboo can grow tall and big, so having it placed on the floor can be a good idea.

It requires limited watering, as it prefers sandy soil. But, most potting soils will work fine for bamboo. 

Look no further than this list of bathroom plants for your next purchase. These all require minimal care yet bloom all year round. Not only will they make your bathroom look fresh, but they will also improve air quality. Some even soak up humidity, which is ideal for the upkeep of your bathroom.