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11 Glorious Wedding Food Station Ideas

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Warning: this post may make mouths water

You may have come across many weddings. But have you ever thought about what part of a beautiful wedding attracts the guests most? Which they remember for a long time and never tired of looking again? Is it a wedding food station?

That’s the wedding food station – a roadway which allows guests to make their way around the room and choose for themselves various delectable and scrumptious items their hosts have planned for them.

wedding food station ideas

Food stations – be they for desserts or quick snacks. They have taken off in wedding catering over the past few years.

Your wedding will probably go to stretch for 10 – 12 hours and we are sure you won’t like to listen to those empty stomach sound during the speeches.

amazing wedding food station ideas

Couples put their efforts and hard-money to make their wedding food station looks beautiful. Be it picking ideas from Pinterest, or DIY. Both trends are infinitely adored.

In this article, Morning Lazziness will tell you some best wedding food stations ideas which are an all-time favourite and glam the entire wedding look and feel.

Wedding Food Stations You Can By Yourself

These are the few wedding station food ideas which you can easily do by yourself. Especially when you are getting access to the venue the day before the wedding.

You can also hand over the task to a trusted family member or a friend. Make a list of all the items you want to see on every food stations. And you’re all set to make your wedding day, “a day” which your guests will think back on and say ‘mmm’!

popcorn wedding food station ideas

Popcorn station: Well, arranging a popcorn station at the wedding is probably the easiest and affordable option. You don’t have to stand near the station all the time. Also, the guests can pop them while roaming around the venue. It’s a light snack couple can serve at the wedding.

So, include a rich-cheese popcorn station at your wedding and let your guests take this sweet seasoning with lots of butter take home.

Candy Buffets and Sweet Bars: Satisfy the sweet craving of guests with presenting them mouthwatering candy buffets and delicious bars. Place them in the beautiful vessel and ask guests to enjoy these delightful packets of goodness. Pick your favourite childhood candies, rock candy, marshmallows and any other tempting mini meringues, to give the wedding a personal touch.

jelly wedding food station ideas

Wedding Food Stations That Require A Little of Help

Though your guests can serve themselves better, still there are few food stations which require a bit of help, such as where you are presenting cheese or desserts with fresh cream. Give this task to a responsible catering who can put the items on the table at the correct time.

tutti frutti wedding food station ideas

Tutti-frutti station: An entire station of fresh fruits is ideal for a daytime or summer wedding. Ask the caterers to put the yummy treats right before the ceremony. Twisted strawberries and cubes watermelon with whipped cream and fresh mint will be a crowd-pleaser.

donut wedding food station ideas

Doughnut Walls station: Who does n’t love a creamy freshly prepared chocolaty doughnut? Well, we all, and to have different tastes. So instead of putting every mix-match flavour, just ask someone to glaze your guests with creative sparkling doughnuts to satiate the sweet craving.

macrons wedding food station ideas

Waffle station and pie bar: Who said, delicious waffles and pie are for breakfast only, they are just perfect for autumn and winter weddings. Keep waffles and pies with lots of fresh-cut fruits at the table, and the result would be tasty! Also, keep checking if your venue or caterer can keep fresh pies/muffins for you, and prepare custard to serve them with for ultimate cosy vibes!

Wedding Food Stations To Leave to the Experts

Sometimes, it’s good to leave the work at experts. Hence these are food stations for which hiring a chef or server is a WON-WON situation.

Taco stations: Well, Mexican food is always appealing. The beauty and aroma of tacos with the versatility of options are just perfect for summer weddings. Garnished with fresh salmon and mango salsa or keep any of your favourite sauce that reflects each of your personalities, or let your guests build their own!

salads wedding food station ideas

Pizza bars: The trend of arranging pizza stations is getting famous in rustic celebrations. Ask the caterers to keep fresh pizza dough and design a pizza as per guests requirements. You can stick to classic Margherita and pepperoni.

pizza wedding food station ideas

Asian food station: Asian food comprises a vast range of delicacies from Japan to China, India to Thailand and much. Depending on which country dish you are choosing, make sure it’s not spicy. Also, the dishes appropriately labelled, whether it is vegetarian, pork, chicken on.

cakes wedding food station ideas

Oyster Station: Ireland is the home of seafood, how about introducing some of the most exquisite dishes at your wedding? Let your guests taste savoury and delicious oyster. Hire a professional oyster chef for your big day and bless everyone with enticing seafood right from the heart of Ireland.

oyster wedding food station ideas

Ice Cream Bar: Everyone’s favourite and bliss for a summer wedding. An ice cream station at the wedding would be a highlight of the whole day.

ice cream wedding food station ideas

Candy Floss Stations: Sugary sweet candy floss fits perfectly with a vintage, or circus-inspired wedding. Believe us, your guests’ faces will light up when they’re served up freshly spun candy floss in pastel colours!

candy floss wedding food station ideas

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