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What According to You, Are the Traits of a Healthy Family


Have you ever thought of the importance of a family in one’s life? How do you define an ideal family? You are going to get all the answers to these questions in this article.

Family is not always about blood relations or genetic similarities. There is a lot more to it. A family is a group of people who live together under the same roof and function as a unit: no age bars, nothing. 

The positive members of the family give us the sense of belongingness that we all crave after a big day out with the people with whom we share professional relationships.

We love our family to the moon and back and are tied to them in such a way that no obstacle can throw us away.

Family members are the friends that we don’t choose but who stand behind us, no matter what shortcomings or flaws we own. This makes it really important for us to understand what makes a healthy family? 

Let us read about it further.

What is a healthy family?

In a family, we live with people that have not chosen for ourselves. It might be possible that they don’t have similar interests, which sometimes leads to big fights or arguments. What makes a relationship healthy is the determination to fight against all odds and still stand by them to maintain a healthy family relationship. Obstacles will be there, but you have to overshadow them with your love, sacrifice, and affection. 

You just have to keep this in your head that the obstacles don’t lead you anywhere but end up loosen the family bonds. When you understand the concept of a healthy family, you must know that it is a two-way concept: you have got their back, and they have got yours. At the same time, it is important to understand that no relationship works without effort.

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So further in this article, you will read about the efforts that you can make to build healthy family relationships.

How can you build healthy family relationships with small efforts?

The fine lines of love and the strength of unity make a healthy family. It’s not the strength of the walls but the impact of the effort that you make to let your family grow in a healthy environment. 

In the below points, you will find the answers to your queries of what efforts can be made to lead a happy life in a healthy family. Stick to the page till you reach the end.

A. Everyone has got certain rules and commitments to follow in a family

Our parents play a vital role in our lives. But sometimes this race into the competition of our career ends up leaving us so busy with our schedule that we happen to spoil our relationship and ruining our personal life. We forget our parents, other family members, and our responsibilities towards them. If we talk about the parental generation, it does influence the actions of younger ones. Again it’s a two-way process where our parents need to control their actions as they are committed to a better upbringing of their young ones. 

Simultaneously, it is the commitment for the young generation to maintain a balance between their personal and professional life so that they can fulfill their commitments towards their parents and other members of the family.

The truest example of commitment and strength is the husband and wife living and surviving all the odds together. The secret behind their strength is respect for each other’s role in a family. That concludes the responsibility to enrich their children with an example to stand by your partner in every up and down.

Every relationship has tensions due to unavoidable reasons. But the real strength reflects when they choose to pretend to be happy in front of their family because they don’t want others to be impacted. 

As a family, it is the responsibility of each and every member to respect one and others’ thoughts and identity. This helps in a better decision-making ability so that every family member is equally given importance and his or her dignity is not hurt.

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Adding to this, is the fact that boundaries help us stick to our commitments and rules more firmly.

B. The emotional support that lies between the family members

Parents knowingly make an effort to establish a healthy relationship with their children. The parents and the grandparents need to involve themselves with the children too. It helps in strengthening their ties and also realizing their abilities.

Emotional support of the peers in the family acts as excellent inspiration for toddlers and teens in achieving great heights in their lives. It is the parents’ responsibility to set an example for the younger ones to be better humans. Likewise, the same is expected from the peers to maintain a cordial relationship or say to maintain the balance in the family.

C. Effective communication and clear thoughts build a healthy family

Communication between the parents and children should take place liberally. A healthy family is where everyone holds a right to speak for themselves. There is no barrier in communication as the message is sent directly, and response is received promptly.

Everyone is being intimidated about or is present to hear the crucial facts and events going on in their lives. Members of healthy families fulfill promises, defend each other, and honor one another’s role in the family

D. Appreciation is the key to develop a love sign

During our difficult times, our family is the closest from whom we expect to listen to words of encouragement and express gratitude. Healthy families readily express appreciation for one another and share words of encouragement during difficult times. 

Family members act as guides and cheerleaders instead of competing with one another and being dominant. Healthy families are the ones who readily show affection, moral support caring for one another during illness or bad times, share hugs or handshakes, and never fail to express their genuine love for each person.

E. Learn to welcome the conflicts and fight them equally

Since many members live in the family, it is evident that there would be a place for clashes. But a healthy family is where the family members are freely allowed to voice their opinion of agreement and disagreement. When conflicts arise, the family members take the initiative to resolve the dispute as soon as possible. There is freedom and safety within to have a conflict.

The family members do not judge each other for their mistakes and failures; instead, they can improve themselves. The most important thing is where the family members don’t hold onto any grudges and quickly pay forgiveness and place an act of “moving on” from the conflict. 

F. Keep an attitude of service towards one another 

Attitude towards each family member directly affects the emotional state of perceiving each other. Children at a young age hope to seek themselves as a significant part of the family. So, allowing those to help in the tasks related to daily chores will encourage them to feel like an essential part of the family. Such a healthy attitude will strengthen their bonds at a domestic level.

Therefore it becomes necessary to hold on to the philosophy of serving one another. Not all families will be perfectly structured as the relationships are pretty dynamic and changeable. But one could still keep himself away from solidarity with the help of their family’s support, patience, and time; positive change is easily achievable in family dynamics.

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G. Keep the spiritual and devotional belongingness

Spirituality is one source to heal our minds and maintain certain decorum to give us peace and hope of faith. It includes the humble act of praying, worshipping, reading scripture, serving others, and pursuing a relationship with the deity as a family. This shared spiritual connection is essential and serves as a moral compass and helps connecting family members.

H. It’s the place where your humour will be valued, show it

Healthy families are the ones who enjoy one another’s company. They laugh together and take immense pleasure in keeping a cheerful and joyous atmosphere rather than taking things too seriously. When we share a sense of humor, it creates lightness and fondness between each other, which helps us remove ourselves from our difficult times.

These are some simple efforts that you can make to get along with your family and develop some healthy relationships at your home. Once we make the relationship stronger, it becomes really important for us to seal them for life. Here’s how you can do it.

How can you seal your relationships in a healthy manner for life?

The below points will tell you the easiest hacks that you can avail your relationships in a healthy manner for life:

  • Sometimes we get so occupied in a world that we start taking our family members for granted. We become lazy listeners to what they say. This lethargic attitude towards the family is not good. It is our responsibility to make them feel that we really care about them and are curious and attentive towards what they say.
  • Once you start spending some quality time with your family, you will get to know things about them that you would never have expected. A good family time will make you feel better and stress-free. You can begin this step by showing them a little empathy and validating your family members’ emotions.
  • When you don’t know the circumference of your own emotions, you can control the situation by concentrating on the feeling, which is the heart of the message, and should jump into the play for validation.
  • It sometimes happens that we are at odds with our family members, but this is not the time to lose the game, but to win hearts. Along with deferring to your point, you must give an ear to listen carefully to what your family member is concerned about… When you try to find a solution or the problem of the conflict in a sensitive way, it gives a message that you value your relationship with that person more than your ego. It will not only help to build healthier but stronger family relationships.
  • Also, you can take one step further by complementing your family members at least once a day. It would make your family members’ day and make them feel unique about themselves. It will help to create a positive vibe within the family members. Showing gratitude or giving a compliment would lighten up their day.

The End Line

No one can replace a family in your life. Nobody can support you the way your family members do.

Hence, no matter what your family is like. Let’s hope you can understand your family and take initiative to maintain a healthy environment for your circle. You can spend quality time with them by having meals together, going out with them, listening and suggesting solutions to their problems, forgiving and loving your dear ones.

The true meaning of family lies in where we strive to make their life worth living. Trust me to offer our one hand towards knowing them, and looking out for them will help build healthy family relationships.

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