Does Oral Intercourse Help In Better Satisfaction?

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Gag full and pervasive myths regarding oral sex have always been present in the concepts of oral sex in Indian culture. Other than this, several people equate sex to penetrate or simple intercourse. Any sexual activity goes none beyond then this for them, which sometimes leaves them unsatisfied. However, according to a survey, highly ‘satisfying’ sex does not necessarily include intercourse or limit to it. Satisfying sexual activities such as oral intercourse, going down on each other, is as much or sometimes more satisfying than the generalized meaning of sexual activities.

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A Woman Perspective on Oral Sex:

A lot of women have reported that they receive more vaginal stimulation with oral sex than traditional sex, which means more orgasms, more satisfaction. Many people, however, wrongly believe it to be a heinous activity or ‘something to look down at’ activity.

A recent study proved that only 18 percent of the total population of women has orgasms with sexual penetration. Over thirty percent have admitted to needing clitoral stimulation to reach an orgasm during penetration. However, there are still several women who fake their orgasms. This is usually to make their male partners feel good.

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The statistics, however, somehow bring us to our next question, is it so that some orgasms feel better than others? The answer to this is a big fat, yes! (Pun intended!)

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Few More Words!  

These better orgasmic experiences do not owe it to a longer duration of sexual intercourse; in fact, less than one in five of the women have answered it in affirmative. However, it has been reported that more orgasmic experiences have been well, experienced when there was more time to build up, emotional intimacy, and also clitoral stimulation during sexual intercourse.

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