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8 Date Ideas Men Hate But Never Reveal So

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Does your man avoid going on romantic dates with you? Nothing is wrong with you; the only wrong thing is the “dating place.”

Men will be men – an old saying. As many women have also said – understanding what thoughts are running in a man’s mind when it comes to selecting a dating place is one of the hardest tasks on the Earth. Plus, when a woman suggests a fine place to hang out, a guy won’t like or agree on the first go. Have you ever wondered why it happens? 

There are a few sorts of date ideas which men generally hate and not prefer to go and here’s a guide to make it fun for them. 

Do you still remember your first date? I guess you do. Was it sexy or romantic? What were you wearing? Was it a hot LBD or a maxi or something else? Moreover, what things you spoke about? Can you recall all your first date memories? Probably, not all, but a few yesses- such as where you both had been?

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Ironically, you must remember your first dating place. And why not? The purpose of the first date is to know each other and spend some quality time; additionally, if the place is vibrant, then it adds spark to the date. That’s why it’s always said – wisely select your first dating place. Especially when a woman gets to decide? Think before popping up the question to your guy – let’s go to the museum or let’s catch up at the new art studio?

You should ask yourself if you’re both going to enjoy the date, so the place should be that interests both of you. It will not be a fun date if your guy doesn’t enjoy. You just can’t force him to go on such unconventional places that he doesn’t like; it might confuse him or make him rethink about you.

Moreover, it can create differences towards the new beginning, also may lose affection. Thus, it has been said, being a woman think before asking your guy, “Where do you wanna go?” Once you both find out what each other’s preferences are, you can suggest a compromise that will satisfy both of you.

What type of date ideas do men hate?

Well, down below are the eight-date ideas which most of the guys hate. Whereas, some guys adore going to these places for a date. So, it’s kind of a mixed review, but the majority has spoken–or in this case, won’t say anything about it, lest they regret it.


No, doubt hiking is a great adventure sport. But when it comes to knowing your significant other, many guys don’t like this hiking excursion, unless you’re in a relationship. Nobody can get to know someone adequately when you’re huffing and puffing all the way up to a mountain.

Exploring noble art:

We know ladies, you have an unending love for the arts, but that doesn’t mean you consider art gallery as a good date option. Walking silently around the big halls and observing artistic pictures don’t help you and your partner know more about each other. The environment is not enough to understand and appreciate what qualities and features you want in your future boyfriend. 

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Live Music Shows:

Who doesn’t love to shake their legs? We all, but opting live music shows & DJ nights for the first date won’t be an ideal choice as you’re both connecting to know each other better. So, just think before considering blasting night for a date, instead of regretting later. 

Meeting friends or family:

first date ideas

The meet & greet may sometimes scare guys off because of the gravity of the situation. Even without the urging of a commitment, meeting friends and family is never considered as a right pick for the first date. It is what it is—your final assessment.

Movie night:

Calm down ladies, We know it’s Chris Hemsworth movie, and you can’t let it go. But, that simply doesn’t mean you ask your date to come along at the cinema. Most men generally hate preferring movie date as meeting a girl, with whom they wish to take things further. So, think before putting up this question to your guy. 


yoga date

Wait and think again – Do you really want to put him through an hour of yoga, cross-fit, and Muay- Thai when he’s perfectly fit with his perpetual Dad Bod? In short, a fitness date is not a good first date idea.

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Opera music is considered an acquired taste. The only problem is not many guys are looking to acquire it. Unless your date is not a big fan of classical music, what if he starts snoring during the opera act – don’t let your date get spoil? 

Over the sexy dates:

first date sex

Don’t rush! Take things slowly. However, the guy wants to jump on the bed on the first go, but not all. Unless you have a crush on him for years or if you’re in a long-term relationship. Even if they did pull out all the stops, the only satisfaction they get is your seal of approval.

Last few words: 

Don’t be upset with the above-given list. Just because your guy doesn’t prefer these places for a date, he has no interest in you. You can talk to him before and find an alternative that fits both of you. 

One date won’t ruin your relationship, but shutting your mind off to fresh experiences can be bad for you and your date. In spite of disagreeing, why don’t you and your guy resolve your issues about the kind of dates ideas you both like?

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