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What To Do If You Are Tired Of Virtual Dating In Melbourne

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The new phenomenon in the digital world is virtual dating. This phenomenon is not just limited to lonely souls. A lot of committed couples are also trying this out. It is a release mechanism for many people to talk to someone who listens carefully and responds empathetically. But like every relationship, virtual dating also has numbered days to keep up the excitement up in our lives. It gets monotonous quite often, especially when you are travelling.

When you are on the move, say for example, in the city of Melbourne. You would not like to talk to your unrealistic lover when enchanting experiences await.

So, if you plan to travel to Melbourne and ditch your virtual dating experience, here are a few things you must do;

Get a real girlfriend

If you want a girlfriend experience in Melbourne, try real human apps like Tinder and not virtual dating. A lot of people across the planet try these apps to find a temporary partner in a new city. This experience is not just limited to a one-night stand but also holds the potential to build into a serious relationship over time. Explore the city with your newfound girlfriend and you shall make a memory of a lifetime.

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Dine at famous restaurants

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If you are in Melbourne, you must visit the Attica. It is among the world’s best 50 restaurants offering Ben Shwery’s culinary delights. If you are into street food, take a trip down St.Ali’s laneways and taste the best of world cuisine at nominal prices. Here you must visit the Tonka and Flower Drum. If ‘Masterchef Australia’ is on your mind, you must visit ‘the Press club’ by celebrity chef George Columbaris and indulge in mind-numbing gastro delights.

Enjoy the view of Melbourne from the roof

What better way to enjoy an evening in Melbourne than with a new friend. The areas of Fitzroy and Carlton are strategically located next to the most happening brothels of Melbourne. Here, you can make a new friend with a Melbourne escort, who is ready to have fun and make your trip to Melbourne a memorable one.

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You can explore the city from the rooftop of these bohemian neighbourhoods and discuss life as it is over the poison of your choice. Some of the famed places are ‘Naked in the sky’ at Fitzroy and ‘Madame Brussels’ in the city centre.

Indulge in a coffee

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Coffee is the heart of Melbourne. People don’t consume this beverage to either wake up or spend time like the rest of the world, but to excite their palate.

On the streets of Fitzroy, over a dozen coffee shops have erupted over the years delivering the best in the class.

As Melbourne is the hub of the best baristas in the world. You can take a walk down at the Seven seeds or Industry beans to know the seriousness of this profession. 

So, you see, with or without a virtual partner, you can still have a ball of a time in Melbourne. 

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