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Been A While – Get Ready for Sex Again

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If you haven’t been in any sexual relationship for a while, these great tips will help you to get back in the GAME…

After a hiatus, it’s quite difficult for all of us to get back to sex. We have to prepare our mind & body to indulge in the sex affair actively.

We understand, not involving in any sexual arena for a longer time, shows essential effects on the body itself. But that’s incredibly great you have taken the step forward to get back into the race. Congratulations on jumping back into the lost life!! 

There can be several reasons you left this game; maybe you got divorced, single or just weren’t able to find the right connection. But a person is called a player only when he/she falls and hits the ground again and wins the championship.

Let your inner self come out, and leave the rest on our hands. Have fun!

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Grant some leverage to whatever rules and limitations you had

Though you are back in the race, that doesn’t mean you have to rush for sex. Just casually encounter where you want to take it, first? Like friends with benefits? Or a serious relationship? There is nothing wrong with going slowly; it’s wonderful. You are entirely open to choose the best for you and make sure not to have sex with somebody until you don’t know them well.

Important to relearn the body needs and how it is responding

Well, it’s imperative to see how your body responds to sex after a long break. Increase your Masturbation practices. And sometimes its good to give non-sexual massages, if you haven’t touched yourself in a while.

Feel insecure about your body then do what you can and forget the rest

You feel awkward about someone new seeing you naked? And whispering thoughts like “I’m not good enough,” “I don’t look good,” or so on come to you? Rather than feeling low, you should feel confident in yourself. You are not meant to change for others if they really like you; they will accept you the way you are. Else, you can follow strict diets, hit to the gym, perform some yoga, to stay healthy and energetic.

Women: Prepare your body for sexual pleasure

At the time of menopause, the vagina absolutely has a ‘use to lose it’ phenomenon. Hence maintaining a healthy vagina from very starting is essential, rather than regaining later. Once the vagina becomes dry, narrow, and shortened, the restoration process slows down, and a little more effort is required.

To keep the vagina healthy:

  • Use a vibrator, that encourages the blood supply to the genitals, which promotes health in those tissues.
  • Vaginal dilators can restore elasticity.

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Discuss with your Doctor about HPV Vaccine

HPV (Human Papillomavirus) is a sexually transmitted disease that can cause many cancers among men and women. Currently, there are three types of HPV vaccines, given in a series of shots starting from an individual in their teens or preteens and finishing when they’re in their twenties. Ask your healthcare professionals whether the vaccine is appropriate for you.

Both partners need to get tested with 100 percent protection

Most of the time, even condoms don’t offer total disease protection. Viral STDs that shed from the skin, such as HPV and hepatitis C aren’t blocked. “There can be lesions on the scrotum, perineum, groin, and the upper part of the penile shaft that may not be covered by the condom,” Dr. Berman cautions.

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