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How do I stop being a selfish person?

Being a selfish individual depends on the situation. At times being selfish could turn out a good or bad thing. What do you mean by that exactly? To know the difference between being selfish for yourself and those who think you are selfish. 

When being selfish for yourself, you take care of your health, family, and managing your time. When an individual thinks a person is selfish, they should understand the reasoning of why? Others could be just as selfish. However, when there is proper communication on both ends, and they realize what is going on. By admitting they are at fault and taking responsibility, a clear window of opportunity and the mind shifts to more positivity.  

How to be more mature and responsible?

To be more mature and responsible, one has to take responsibility for their actions. Apart from being mature is not acting like high school children. Another way of showing maturity is by walking away from an argument that leads to harsh words that cannot get taken back. 

Individuals have to take responsibility for their actions and behavior towards one another at any celebration. What makes one mature is admitting when they are wrong and take responsibility for how we made that person feel. We are living in a world of hatred. Love conquers all. We need to find a middle ground in compromising what the partnership means. What is your friendship worth to that person? If you want them to keep creating unforgettable memories, what will you do to change your attitude?

One way to retain a partnership with a kindhearted individual is knowing where they stand and where you stand. Another way is how you approach them with your words and body language. You would not want anyone to disrespect you and vice versa. 

Everyone needs to be on the same page and work well together. Others need to also respect team members by lifting their spirits. Not by belittling or yelling at them if something has gone wrong. Solutions handled with positivity and kindness make a big difference. When any team member is about to lash out: whether you are a leader, waiter, production team, etc., take a step back, count to 10 and take a long deep breath. You can revisit the situation in a calm, mature, and responsible approach. Negativity and yelling never solved any problems.  

How much can an individual take from getting yelled at or disrespected? They will turn away any business that is not good for their health or well-being. 

An individual’s celebration is as important as the partnerships built. To create unforgettable memories that last a lifetime. Lastly, remembering to thank them for all their hard work goes a long way.

How to stop being an arrogant person?

To stop being arrogant. You would have to take a step back and put yourself in that person’s shoes to understand where they are coming from, depending on the severity of the situation.

Everyone should understand the pressures that people have to overcome the multitude of celebrations daily.

They need to understand the other person’s perspective and be patient. It may be tough to swallow your ego. However, no one knows what that person is going through during that time. 

At times you need to muster up the courage to speak your mind with kindness instead of being sour.

Remember, you get more with honey than you do with vinegar. At times, you need to swallow your ego and pride to understand the situation at hand. Celebrations leave everlasting unforgettable memories that last a lifetime. 

Those who work together want to remember their partnerships in a memorable way and not an egotistical way.

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