Preventing Premature Ejaculation: How a Cock Ring Can Help You

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Premature ejaculation is more common than you think.

Depending on the statistics you consult, anywhere from 15 to 25% of men have this issue. That’s a sizeable portion of the population. And it makes satisfying their needs (and their partner’s) a hassle.

Fortunately, there are solutions to this issue.

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Such As?

You can take a pill to fix your premature ejaculation. Viagra commonly solves this issue and is a quick fix.

Or – you can opt for a safer route. You can try using a cock ring.

Why Not Use Pills?

Because pills are dangerous. Plus, their side-effects can put a strain on your vital organs.

By this, we mean the heart. It’s a common fact that those with heart (and/or blood pressure) problems should steer clear of erection pills. And of course – the older you are, the more of a danger those pills are.

Basically, pills are a dangerous route to solving premature ejaculation. Instead, something safe is required, like a vibrating cock ring.


How Cock Rings Vibrator Fix Premature Ejaculation?

A long and firm penis is key to lasting longer in bed. A long penis has better-distributed nerve endings. It’s also “less sensitive” to stimulation.

With a cock ring vibrator from SVAKOM, you maintain that length. And you ensure the ability to grind for longer, without finishing fast. But to do that, you need a cock ring that’s high quality.

You Need a Safe Cock Ring Vibrator

Those are far and few.

Cock rings need a design that lets them constrict blood flow – without scarring the penis. That’s not something you get with cheap rings. And it’s not something you get from an unknown sex toy brand.

So you need to seek quality. And for that, we recommend you…

The SVAKOM Tyler

Need a cock ring vibrator? If so, this SVAKOM cock ring is the optimal choice.

SVAKOM is a company with 7 years of experience designing top-class sex toys. Their toys are known to solve sexual problems – from premature ejaculations to lack of freshness in bed.

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This SVAKOM cock ring is only $79. That’s ½ the price tag of many toys of its quality. So it’s affordable, and it’s long-lasting.

It’s also designed for comfort. The material of the ring is elastic silicone, so it doesn’t scar the penis while providing comfortable construction.

Enhances Your Sexual Experience


This vibrating cock ring doesn’t just maintain an erection. It also pleases female partners!

It’s designed with a “light pad” that brushes the clitoris during intercourse. The pad can vibrate, adding to the intercourse’s stimulation. It’s only 31g. This makes the toy light enough to maintain an erection while acting as a vibrator.

For anyone with premature ejaculation – this is a dream come true.

Your Toy Does ½ the Work.

It keeps your erection going, and it adds pleasure during intercourse.

So this cock ring vibrator isn’t just suitable for premature ejaculation. It’s also suitable for anyone who wants an enhanced sexual experience!

Another Trait – Customization.

Want to avoid boring sex? If so, you need to explore “different rhythms.”

You need to try having sex at different paces. Maybe you can try something slow and romantic. Or, you can be rougher and faster.

The SVAKOM Tyler affords you both options. This vibrating cock ring lets you choose between 5 different stimulation options. You can simulate different intensities that match what you need!

Time to Get Your Toy

SVAKOM products all come with a 1-year guarantee.

During that time, if they malfunction, you can always get a new one.

There’s nothing more to wait for. Visit their website, and enhance your sex life!

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