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An Update On Why Men Cheat? It’s More Than Sex

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Men cheat more than women. All of you might be surprised to know that in men’s minds, there’s more to cheating than just sex or sleeping with women.

Men & cheating – a ubiquitous phrase and story of every unhappy relationship. When it comes to male cheating, shared knowledge denotes that men usually cheat out of a need for sex. Even scientists proved it several years ago. However, recently a psychotherapist named Gary Numan along with his colleagues gained popularity with saying, that sex is not only the reason men cheat, but there is also more than that. Some men cheat because they are unsatisfied in a relationship and thought utilising porn as sexual pleasure in a committed relationship is not cheating. Cheating is strangely a behaviour which makes it hard for men to be a good boyfriend, father, and husband.

Why do men cheat?

As women, we have an idea in our minds that if our partner is talking or texting another female, he’s being unfaithful. If they are having a regular conversation related to business (office) work whether on a video call or over the phone, we also take it as cheating. Honestly, it’s not our fault; we equip our minds with such assumptions. We can’t see our men talking to another lady, which often leads to fights and divorces. On the other side, men are not aware of all the nitty-gritty things running in women’s minds. And, that probably becomes the reason men cheats.

But, what if your man says he’s not talking to other ladies for sex, but there is something else? Do you believe them?

According to new findings, the primary reason most men cheat is because of the lack of emotional support. Men look sturdy and muscular from the external point of view, but they too have a soft centre. There are only a few men who are more sensitive than women and show it – the rest chooses to hide it behind a facade. Therefore, they need constant praise, appreciation, and attention. And the lack of these becomes the reason for cheating.

According to the General Social Survey – 20% of men admit to cheating, compared to 13% of women. Healthy men who cheat occasionally are not pathological; they’re immature. The good news is that most men don’t need to cheat to understand the hurt it may cause their partners. Continued communication about trust, intimacy, and opportunities for temptation as they arise can erase that problem.

Where do men find people to cheat with?

If a man wants an affair, by any hook or crook, they get a partner to date. Perhaps, they prefer an online dating app to see who’s out there. Otherwise, they start to look where accomplishment matters, which is their office because it’s standard workplace etiquette. Since people get attracted to those who are achievers and in office, you get to meet a lot of successful people and feel the charm of their personality.

5 Reasons Why Men Cheat

They are liars: Committing is easy, but respecting it is also necessary. Most men never intended to be monogamous, despite their commitments. These men can never understand and appreciate the vows of fidelity. And instead of sharing the love with the partner they take monogamy into something to be worked around rather than embraced.

They are immature: Men think that until their partner doesn’t find out what they are doing, cherish the moment. But they do not understand the pain which they are giving to their partner. These type of men are immature and won’t able to handle if something unexpected shows up.

They are insecure: Insecurity can be with anything. It can be height, figure, complexion, knowledge, personality, etc.. And these men who take insecurity seriously use porn and extramarital sex as a way to feel better about themselves.

They are confused about love: Love binds people. But in the modern age, relationships have become a game. Men delve into a relationship just for the sake of their partner’s attractiveness. The relationship tends to start with an early rush of romance and ends with intense fights. Men don’t understand what pain they are causing their partner; with making the sweet commitment and long-term attachments which gradually are being replaced when they found someone new.

They are damaged: Men who have gone through traumatic experiences are more likely to cheat because they could never give full commitment to another person. Additionally, they also seek outside relationships to self-medicate their emotional and psychological pain.

Here’s a wrap!

Since ages, cheating is scrutinising as an unfortunate habit that destroys the relationship. It is something we can’t fix but can take the necessary steps to fix what’s broken or prevent it from happening.

The bottom line is that the cheater never fully gets what he wants. Infidelity is nearly always discovered eventually, and when that happens it inevitably comes with devastatingly painful consequences.

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