Stop Feeling Lonely in Marriage

How to Stop Feeling Lonely in Marriage


Being lonely is not fun. And being lonely when you are married is even worse. However, there are ways to stop feeling lonely in your marriage. And this article will talk about that. But before I get into that, I will be talking about what loneliness is and what causes loneliness in a marriage. I will also discuss some symptoms of loneliness in marriage.  

Loneliness and marriage are two topics that come up frequently. They’re strange bedmates who discuss the complexities of partner relationships incessantly. 

Our forefathers advise, get married, and you will have a lifetime companion to share your pleasures, secrets, pains, and woes with. But what if your partner is the one who is isolating you? What if your marriage falls apart, and you’re left with no one to share your life with? For some, this may be a myth, but for others, it is the truth. 

What Is Loneliness in A Relationship? 

You’re lonely when you’re both in the same place but can’t connect with one other. You’re both apprehensive about being alone with one another. There is no physical or emotional connection between you. Simply said, you are a couple to the rest of the world, but not to yourself. 

You and your partner’s relationship become strained and aggressive, and you start making assumptions. You stop sharing your feelings with your spouse because you’re afraid he or she won’t care. 

Why does such nastiness make its way into a marriage, and how does it do so? 

Loneliness in Marriage: What Causes It: 

Loneliness is a global problem that affects millions of individuals. According to a Swedish study, there is a gender difference in loneliness among married people, with women suffering from it more than men. Here are some of the reasons you can be lonely. 

1. Terrorizing and bullying: 

Your partner thinks he or she is invincible. They bully you and keep you in a state of constant anxiety. It has become common to abuse one’s mind and emotions.

Perhaps, you’re frightened of your partner since you have no idea what will make them upset. This keeps you as far away from them as possible. 

2. Tight schedule: 

Couples’ hectic schedules frequently cause modern-day divorces. You and your partner are both too engaged with your work or family duties that you have stopped giving time to each other. This creates a void that only gets bigger with time.

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3. A strong desire for emotional support: 

Your mother’s health is a source of anxiety for you. Your companion, on the other hand, takes no effort to calm you down or acknowledge the pain you’re going through. When there is no emotional connection, there is no room for emotional aid. Silence is preferable to conveying your feelings when you know you won’t get it from them. 

4. Physical closeness is uncommon: 

When was the last time you were physically intimate with your partner? A warm kiss, a playful squeeze, or a heated night are all healthy for the psyche as well as the body. The less you do it, the wider the gap between you and your partner develops. 

5. Insufficient time spent together: 

You’re continuously surrounded by your family, whether it’s your children or other relatives. Alternatively, your family is so enormous that you don’t have time to be alone with your significant other. You begin by attempting to schedule some couple’s times for both of you, but if that fails, you give up. 

6. Previous life experiences: 

After marriage, your partner isn’t usually to blame for your loneliness. Past events or people in your life are also likely to have influenced your current circumstance. According to a study, despair or friction with your parents or siblings, as well as your previous relationship with them, can cause loneliness. 

Loneliness doesn’t always have to be obvious. It could be subtle, or you could be focused on something else and not realize you’re lonely. So, how can you know if you’re in a relationship that’s making you lonely? 

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Symptoms Of Loneliness in A Relationship: 

Don’t ignore your gut feeling that things aren’t quite right between you and your lover. We’ll go over the warning signs in your relationship to watch out for. 

1. Did you have time to spend with your lover privately? 

You don’t know what I’m talking about, do you? The fact that you’re thinking about your relationship’s intimacy (or lack thereof) implies that something isn’t right. You may not be being intimate with your spouse due to a lack of interest, time limits, or privacy concerns. Loneliness can be indicated by a lack of connectedness for whatever cause. 

2. Your daily routines are no longer shared by the two of you. 

You tell your spouse about your day, they tell you about theirs, and you find yourself in the middle of a lengthy conversation. Isn’t that also the case with you? When you start a conversation with your husband, and he just rolls his eyes or gets busy with his phone- at this point, you know your bond of communication has loosened. 

3. You forget about key occasions. 

You remember the homework your kids must turn in on Monday and the meeting you have to go to, but you forget about your anniversary. Birthdays and anniversaries add a little spice to our everyday lives. Suppose you and your spouse forget important dates. In that case, it indicates that you no longer value them or care about maintaining that “spark” in your relationship. 

4. Your lover does not request things from you. 

Your husband is hesitant to come to you for help. They might give it a shot and fail, but they won’t approach you. However, this was not always the case. This could indicate that they’re trying to become less dependent on you. What makes you think they’d do something like that? Examine whether your reaction has influenced your spouse’s actions? 

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Loneliness is depressing, and when it’s brought on by a break in your relationship with the person you care about the most, there may be no words to describe how you feel. But why are these feelings even present in the first place? If you catch depression early on, you’ll be able to avoid it. 

How To Stay Away from Loneliness in A Relationship: 

You don’t have to wait for loneliness to manifest itself. Learn from other couple’s mistakes. And, make sure you don’t get caught up in the monotony. Try to keep a lively atmosphere at home.


In a marriage, communication is the remedy for all evils. As much as possible, communicate with one another. You are not required to look for a topic. Talk about anything that comes to mind and discuss your day’s events. Talk about the news of the day or a topic that both of you are interested in. Consider your partner’s point of view. This maintains a dynamic mood at home. 

Reminisce on happier times. 

Look at your wedding video or your honeymoon photos. Talk about your courtship and all your love adventures with your sweetheart. You performed anything nefarious or dumb behind your family’s backs without their knowledge. You’ll both burst out laughing at it. A couple who laughs together stays together! 

Help each other out with small favors. 

Is it his necktie that he’s having difficulties with? Assist him with finishing it. Is she a connoisseur of food? Make her a delicious breakfast. As a result, your sweetheart will look up to you. They know they can turn to you for any kind of help or aid in any situation. When they’re in danger, you’ll be the first person they call. 

Be aware of their viewpoint. 

It is not always necessary to observe things from your point of view. Your companion can have a different point of view. It can irritate you if your mother-in-law is attending a party you’ve organized for your spouse. They, on the other hand, do not share your viewpoint. For you, love and affection for your companion would be a stumbling block. Stop making snap judgments! Consider your partner’s perspective for a few moments. 

Loneliness is all too frequent. It can strike us at any age, from childhood to old age. You will succeed if you put forth the effort. Be adamant about fighting it out, even if it means doing it alone since your victory will be waiting for you at the end.