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Married And Still lonely? 6 Ways To Overcome Loneliness

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You feel that the ‘We’ part of your marriage has turned into ‘I and You’? Even after staying in the same house, you two feel distant? ‘Happily ever after’ seems to fade away? These are the signs which tell couples, after living together, are not together anymore.

How does this stage come in a happily married life?

Remember the time when you two got together, how you two used to laugh and enjoy every moment spent together. So what has changed now? Why are you feeling lonely even when you two still have each other?

Such situations arise due to a few things that we continue to do and end up feeling lonely, even being married. Below are the few things that can save you from being in such a situation.

1. Communicate

Many couples are so busy in their own life that they stop communicating. Even if any problem arises, they do not open up and let it linger on. Never let things pile up, express, and vent it out the moment you feel something is bothering you. You two are married, and you cannot let a day go without communicating. Let each other know about your day and the ups and downs you had in your day. You two need to stay in touch to keep that warmth in a relationship. Do not take such small things for granted. It may lead to something disastrous that you may not want to happen. Communication is the key, the more you communicate, the more you two get to know each other, and it helps you stay bonded.

2. Be there for each other

Do not let the fights or arguments come in the way when the other one is being vulnerable. Hold on to your fights and arguments and be there for each other as and when needed. Such behavior imparts the message of how much importance you give to your partner rather than to the argument. Understand the needs of your partner, emotional, mental, and physical. Do not assume things, rather go and talk and keep showing that no matter what, you are always there. Do not let them feel ignored and lost.

3. Spend some quality time

Try to plan a good time together, on a daily basis, weekly, or go on a holiday. Plan a date, watch a movie, cook together, go shopping, etc. Most couples lose interest in each other once they stop doing all the interesting things that keep the relationship lively. Make sure to keep a day where just two of you are there for each other talking, laughing, and romancing. Do things that interest you both. Get to know more and more about each other and explore new things in life and about each other.

4. Avoid harsh/demotivating words

No matter how big the fight is, try to stick to the topic and do not use disrespectful words. Never bring instances from the past during the fight. We all dream of a partner who loves, respects, and motivates. Hearing harsh words can destroy all love and can bring in bitterness in the relationship. Try to sort arguments peacefully.

5. Find a hobby to do together

Boredom in marriage adds weight to loneliness. In order to overcome this, the best thing that a couple can try out is a hobby. Today, there are multiple hobby classes that offer exclusive couple memberships. Some prominent examples of these include craft classes, pottery classes, baking classes, cooking classes, etc. Establishing a strong and friendly bond in a marriage does not always come by portraying romantic gestures and having a satisfying sex life. At times, a spouse may also need to connect with their partner on a friendlier level. The only way to do that is to find a hobby that both the partners are interested in and joining it together. 

6. Opt for couple’s therapy

If none of this looks like it is helping, be straightforward and opt for professional help. Marriages are not easy; every individual knows that… That’s why there are dedicated counseling and therapy sessions that help couples to adjust to each other. Today, you don’t even need to leave your house to find a couple’s counseller. These therapists are available on your beck and call to resolve all your marital issues as per your convenience.

Parting note

Remember that you two have decided to stay together for life. It surely would not always be easy. But if you have decided never to let go, then stick to each other in every situation. Get to know each other, surprise each other and love each other as much you can to turn this journey into a beautiful experience. Overcome loneliness by talking and expressing in words and actions both.

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