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How To Enjoy Your Wedding Anniversary With The Kids Included

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When planning one’s wedding anniversary celebration, we automatically think of a romantic night out. But how do you add romance into the mix when the kids are present? 

Having the kids around can be tough. And sometimes, we just want to have a break and some much needed alone time with our partners. However, if you don’t have a way to do this, then the ideas listed below can be a source of divine light that can help you have a memorable anniversary celebration that is romantic, child friendly, and doesn’t cost a fortune. 

• A family dinner

Family dinners are already cosy enough. There are talk and good food that makes it the best ‘family time’ each and every day. 

However, having dinner out, with the whole family, at a restaurant can be both romantic and thoughtful—no food preparation or cleaning up afterward. The wife gets a break, and the kids get a night out. It is a win-win! 

This is always the most preferred celebratory option. 

• Making a card from both you and the little one(s)

Wedding Anniversary With The Kids

Nothing touches our hearts more than hearing or reading special thoughts and words that describe the love our families have for us. 

When creating a card for your husband/wife, make sure to fill it with as much love as you can. 

And the fact that the kids get to help makes it all the more special. It will give them something creative to do and helps you out at the same time. This is a quick and easy idea of a gift and can be given to him/her along with a breakfast tray in bed. 

(P.S. Kids always go nuts for this idea.) 

• Movie magic

Watching in-depth romantic movies with ten-year-olds? A big no-no. But! You can always go for the next best thing; Romantic comedies. 

To make this a celebratory anniversary moment, get a child-friendly rom-com. Splash some love in the lounge: a few cushions on the floor for seating, buttered popcorn, some hot cocoa, and throws to keep warm and cosy under. 

Watching a good movie will help relax all of you, and when the kids go to bed, you have your loved one all to yourself and in the mood for some love! 

And finally, 

• Gift hunting! 

Wedding Anniversary With The Kids

Did you ever go through that moment where you come up blank when thinking of getting a gift for your husband/wife? You have no clues as to what he/she would like. Well, nothing makes the problem easier than having the kids gift hunting with you as well. 

Children have an eye for getting things the moms and dads will love. 

Having them tag along will definitely fill up your trolley and get them excited while also having fun with you! Then, their excited grins and happy squeals when presenting the gifts makes the moment that much more special. 

Remember what George Eliot said, “Little children are still the symbol of the eternal marriage between love and duty.” 

So, don’t fret that the kids may spoil your plans. Make sure that they share a part of everything. Doing things together is what creates the best moments, which we cherish for eternity. 

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