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fit track watch
FitTrack Atria 2.0 | Health Smartwatch

Atria 2.0 is a revolutionary health smartwatch that accurately records physiological data. With 24/7 data collection, it provides the most accurate and granular understanding of your body, without the gimmicks. Optimize the way you live, sleep and train with the Atria 2.0.

fit track scale
FitTrack Dara- BMI Smart Scale

80% of people fail to maintain their health goals. FitTrack’s body fat scales are a simple and effective solution to stay motivated. Measure, track, and trend your body vitals over time with 17 Health Measurements at the comfort of your fingertips.

fit track tempo
FitTrack Tempo - Infrared Thermometer

Protect your family's health with Tempo. It uses the latest infrared technology to get accurate temperature readings without the need for physical contact. This makes it a very hygienic tool for taking forehead or ear temperature readings, and is a must-have tool for every home.

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