Steering the Mothership- A Company Employing Women Who Can Do It All (Moms- Duh…)

Steering the Mothership- A Company Employing Women Who Can Do It All (Moms- Duh…)

Rule Breakers

In this new world, businesses need to be creative. It is imperative to look beyond the norm to secure success. At the very least, this means new, safe, and effective operational procedures, and innovative activities for talent acquisition and engagement.

Taking this one step further- it demands the ability to locate workers who are smart, motivated, and balanced enough to juggle the mélange of tasks associated with working from home—homeschooling, childcare, client calls, zoom meetings, domestic chores, blah blah blah blah.

Somehow Alison Bernstein came to this conclusion years back- seeking a dynamic workforce able to juggle, not struggle. The Suburban Jungle founder/president and mother of 4 leads a company made up of 100% of moms- many of whom originally dropped out to be a mom. Today they are reaping the benefits of a flex-is-best approach that is helping them do it all.

The only of its kind real estate advisory and tech platform focused on taking families from Urban to Suburban is up 5fold since COVID began pushing panicked urbanites out of cities. The team of objective strategists describes their jobs as 2% real estate and 98% psychology. As fears mount, and interest rates fall, new clients and stalled clients’ reemergence are sharply on the rise. Many of these families are reaching out from their relief rentals outside the city, fully enjoying the fresh-air, backyard life and, of course, space. It appears a little taste of the green life goes a long way. And though other companies might have been scrambling at this moment to get their remote force in order, the SJ employee pool has since inception enjoyed the flex option of remote working -making the surge seamless.

It is no secret that a great number of corporations are reluctant to hire women who have been out of the workforce for an extended period of time. In contrast, Alison Bernstein believes that it is a win-win for all. She gets to support women and their families and choose them from an almost untouched and extensive talent pool, including former executives, newscasters, bankers, etc.

The organization has a plethora of wonderful working women all over the country that pseudo work as entrepreneurs, managing their own clients on their own time on their own devices, and winning for themselves and their families! In this rapidly changed/changing world, there are few careers you can just reintegrate yourself into. This is a unique concept that truly makes SJ special. From taking internal calls from the car to having email and SJ user-friendly interfaces all available on your hand-held… mom can MAKE IT ALL HAPPEN.

From Alison Bernstein- She who steers the mothership…

In today’s world, flexibility and multitasking are key to mom’s success on the job, and with the help of connective technology, it has never been more manageable. We have seen so many talented mothers drop out of the workforce due to time constraints, family obligations, lack of childcare, and overall guilt. What we have done to support our team of moms is to encourage them to work hard, but on their own schedules. This allows Suburban Jungle to tap into the workforce of great talent and empower our team to truly succeed on THEIR terms. What we get out of it is enhanced productivity, overall happiness — and a greater work product. This arrangement is, of course, not for everyone as the right fit for a role at our company must be self-motivated, driven, and not looking to take advantage of the autonomy, independence, and lack of direct contact supervision the job affords. The product speaks for itself. 

How it works:

A client will begin the process by going to the Suburban Jungle company website and filling out a questionnaire, providing key information about their family and what they are looking for in their new community. Using technology and proprietary methodology, the company is able to customize a “home search strategy” delivered via app in minutes —a list of towns and details that will fulfill the individual wishes of the client. The strategist is available via chat or calls to discuss further the nuances for these towns, how they are different from one another, and help the family uncover all fo the things that they cannot discover simply by searching online. An additional layer of due diligence will occur when the team adds in the Suburban Jungle locals from whom they can learn more about what it is actually like to live within these respective communities. Should they decide they are ready to begin their property search, they will be connected with a Suburban Jungle partner agent who will ultimately bring them home. 

Free of charge, the advice and insight provided is completely objective. The company currently serves the markets of New York, San Francisco, Dallas, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Austin, The District of Columbia, Boston, Chicago, South Florida, and the Hamptons, NY.