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10 Women Leaders on Self-Care: Prioritizing Well-Being in a Busy World

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Juggling demanding schedules, societal expectations, and the weight of leadership, women leaders often face the risk of burnout. However, recognizing this challenge, many are prioritizing self-care as a key to success. This isn’t about indulgence, but about taking charge of their well-being, ensuring they have the physical and mental stamina to lead effectively and inspire those around them. 

By incorporating self-care practices into their lives, women leaders are redefining what it means to be strong, proving that true leadership comes from a place of empowered wholeness.

Here, we have talked to some of the great women leaders to know their secret of self-care in this busy world. 

Taking Care Of Yourself Allows You To Be Your Best Self

As someone who works in a fast-paced industry, I’ve learned that taking care of myself is not only important for my own well-being but also for my employers and the team I’m leading. When I’m feeling rested, refreshed, and energized, I’m able to provide better service and support to our company. To me, self-care is all about making sure I’m in a good mental and physical state to do my job well. I’ve realized that when I neglect my own needs, I’m more prone to burnout, stress, and even making mistakes that can affect my clients. That’s why I prioritize self-care by taking breaks when I need them, practicing stress-relieving techniques, and making sure I’m getting enough rest and exercise.

Self-Care Isn’t Fluff

Don’t underestimate the power of self-care. It’s not just some fluffy concept; it’s a necessary ingredient for long-term success in any industry. While you’re out there hustling and keeping up with the fast pace, don’t forget to take breaks, set boundaries, and enjoy some downtime. Engage in activities that bring you joy, spend time with loved ones, and recharge your batteries. Trust me, incorporating these practices will make you more resilient and better equipped to handle the challenges and setbacks that come your way. Anna Parvatova (SNS Nails)

Make Self-Care the Foundation of Success

People say that in the relentless pursuit of entrepreneurial goals, self-care serves as an anchor to keep well-being afloat. Having worked immersed as the CEO of Imperial Alterations taught me one basic tenet: making time for health and mindfulness is not a luxury but a necessity if one desires long-term peak performance. That I can give powerful leadership to my team is already assured by the things which energize my spirit: yoga and meditation. It’s about nourishing the mind, body, and soul with activities that foster resilience and creativity. Ira Lysa (Imperial Alterations)

Setting the Priorities Right to Keep It All Together

Being a woman entrepreneur, it’s most important to prioritize things in the right order. Speaking of which, my personal belief is to take care of my mental & physical health before anything else because as it is rightly quoted you can’t pour from an empty mug. Being a woman balancing family and business needs can sometimes be challenging but making the right decisions and fulfilling our duties can only go right when our mind and body reside in a healthy state. Pratibha (Web3oclock)

Write Your Way to Peace

Creative writing, whether fiction or nonfiction, is often used as a form of therapy, and for good reason. Writing as a form of self-care has been proven to help women slow down their daily pace, reflect on things that bring them joy, and envision a brighter future. Published authors will often tell you that writing the book gave them so much more than just a manuscript—it changed their lives. The act of writing creates new pathways in our brains and allows us to process information in ways that talk therapy and coaching cannot. In today’s fast-paced world, the best thing you can do is create a space to be yourself. Writing, when done with intention, can give women the space they need to heal, grow, and thrive. Larissa Soehn (Next Page Publishing)

Artistic Escapes for Mental Clarity

As a woman entrepreneur, prioritizing well-being amidst a busy schedule is crucial. My approach to self-care that has been transformative for me is engaging in artistic activities. Painting, drawing, or even simple doodling can provide a meditative escape, allowing the mind to unwind and de-stress. These creative pursuits offer a break from the daily grind and foster a sense of accomplishment and joy. Embracing art as a form of self-care can rejuvenate your spirit and enhance your overall well-being, making you more resilient and focused in your entrepreneurial journey. Naomi (Flingster)

Recharging Through Monthly Escapes

Taking a long weekend each month to explore new cities like Jersey City or my own vibrant city of Toronto has been my secret to balancing the demands of running my own PR company. I can’t always be taking two weeks vacations oversees, but these “mini vacations” as I like to call them are more than just a break—they’re a vital part of my self-care routine. Whether I’m walking around new neighbourhoods, enjoying a nice meal at a new off-the-beaten-path restaurant or just doing a little shopping at a vintage boutique, these escapes recharge my creativity and rejuvenate my spirit. I return to work with renewed energy and clarity, ready to tackle new challenges. Natalia Buia (Gold Candor PR)

Balancing Responsibilities with Self-Care

In the current society, women leaders do not take enough time to care for themselves as they attend to their work and family responsibilities. But I understand that personal health is something that should be valued in order to maintain working efficiency and not get exhausted. Some of the ways I take care of myself are exercising, practicing meditation, and spending time with my family and friends. Specifically, I can mention that during one of the stress-related moments, I tried to express myself using a journal. Caring for oneself is not a luxury; it is the need of the hour in order to be the best version of ourselves for the team and our kin. Julia Lozanov

Create a Daily Ritual

Spend time each day focused on you. This may be quiet time for prayer or meditation or a time to journal what you are grateful for. You might opt to engage in self-anointing with pure essential oils like frankincense. Eat well and get good sleep. Remember, your body is your temple. Take care of you each and every day. Dr. DeeAnna Merz Nagel (deeannamerznagel)

The Importance of Self-Care for Leadership

In a world where the hustle is often glorified, it’s crucial for women leaders to prioritize self-care. Balancing professional responsibilities with personal well-being isn’t just about maintaining health; it’s about sustaining the energy and clarity needed to lead effectively. As leaders, our ability to care for ourselves directly influences our capacity to empower and inspire others. By setting an example in self-care, we not only enhance our own lives but also encourage a healthier, more balanced approach within our teams and organizations. Adding a daily or weekly self-care strategy to your schedule, much like a meeting, is essential. It might feel counterintuitive, but taking time to prioritize yourself can actually increase productivity and efficiency. Angela Ficken (ProgressWellness)

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