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7 Signs That Show You’re Way Too Clingy

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Wait! What? Am I Clingy? That’s not possible. 

Just like girls don’t like clingy guys, guys don’t like clingy girls!

Is your partner evading meeting you by giving some weird reasons? Does it seem like he is running away from you?

There comes a time in a relationship when guys are ready to climb cliffs to get some personal space and do you know what makes them do this? It’s all your clingy behaviour.

So if you’ve just started the relationship and the urge of talking or seeing him is always high on your side, then dear, it’s a clear sign you have become a genuine ‘stage five-clinger.’ 

Trust me; there is nothing to feel miserable about it because I too have gone through this, and the best part was my girlfriends were there who literally abstained me and made me realize never being so needy for a guy. 

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Even if you know clingers are to be avoided, how can you be so sure you’re not doing it? If you’re skeptical of whether you’re the guilty party, I am here to shed some light on the situation. 

These are the telltale signs you’re way too clingy.

1. You freak out when you don’t get to hear back: 

At the beginning of a relationship, your partner used to respond to your messages or calls within time. But now, things have flipped, he is taking -a way too long in responding to your messages, and that drives you crazy. From assuming the worst things to being anxious, your relationship has come one step closer to the expiration date. 

We know these long-awaited unattentive calls and unanswered messages are nerve-wracking in a relationship. But don’t let yourself get caught up in the “what ifs” of it all. 

Think of another positive side, maybe he just got stuck in some important work or is planning a surprise date night. 

2. You go mad when he goes out without you:

Every relationship requires time. You don’t have to be upset or sad when your guy is hanging out with his friends. Apart from being clingy and constantly eyeing on him, you should enjoy some ‘me-time.’ Go to the salon, meet your girlfriends, join a Zumba class, or do anything that interests you. And, watch your relationship is doing wondrous. 

3. You obsess on when your partner will text/call you back:

It’s normal to imagine when he is going to text or call me back, but things become problematic when it turns into a full-fledged obsession. According to Psychology Today, ladies who spend most of the time thinking about their partners lead themselves to miss out on other things, including other important relationships.

If you’re noticing such a pattern on a daily basis, think and take a step back. Realize what you are doing. You have other significant priorities in life too. 

4. You only make time for him: 

If you’re socially isolating yourself for him, then it’s absolutely not a great thing. Your world is not around him, and probably he has put no boundaries around you. Just because you love him doesn’t mean you disappear and cut yourself from social media. What if you and your partner have a fight? Who will you talk to? You schedule a time for your partner, so make sure to do the same with the other people you care about, too.

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5. You have lost your own interests: 

Are you only doing the things that interest your partner, then seriously you are way too clingy. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you just stop doing the things that you adore to do, be it making pottery or anything; a healthy relationship never asks one partner to stop pursuing their passions. While it’s important to get some interests to be overlap, you shouldn’t lose who you are.

6. You analyze their social media round-the-clock: 

Often stalking your partner on Instagram is common; we all do it, but things become uncanny when your sent messages got to read, and you don’t see the ‘typing’ sign there, and immediately, you’re analyzing every detail of what you have said. 

Sounds familiar? We all have stalked our partners on social media, but one should never over-analyze it. Don’t be so desperate to know what your partner is doing, where he is, with whom and all? Give some personal space and never mix social media with your relationship. In fact, it could signal some serious trust issues. Needless to say, this behaviour is not healthy.

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7. You ask too much prying questions: 

What if your partner is not changing their relationship status on Facebook and not interested in uploading both of your pictures on Instagram? You shouldn’t get angry and insist on behaving like a clingy person, think to take your relationship to the next level. Your partner is much more, enjoying sweet moments with you. He just doesn’t want to let the entire world know how much he loves you; he wants you to know. 

Wrapping up!

If you think you are noticing any of these above-given clingy signs in your behaviour, then it’s time to take a step. Stop texting your partner for a while, let him make the efforts, don’t call or post anything emotional on social media that shows him you are missing him badly. 

Give time to your partner, if he really loves you, he will come back to you, no matter how clingy you are.  Your sweet and caring behaviour has already won his heart. 

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