The Devil We Know: 10 Misogynist Red Flags that Reveal Sexist Man

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Have you ever wondered why utmost women get attracted towards sexy bad guy? And, what happens when your hot bad guy end? A disrespectful, sexist begin? These are the misogynist red flags to avoid.

What is a misogynist?

A misogynist is someone who dislikes/disrespect women. Now, you might be thinking then why a misogynist date women? Well, it’s precisely about prejudice toward women.

When you start dating a misogynist, you will find everything beautiful at the start. You are more into their sexy look and features; often neglect disrespectful part. These men may appear to care for their mom and sister with gallant protection. But in reality, these men are manipulative and will do anything to overpower a woman.

Misogynists are petrified of powerful women. They can go to any limit to control and put women down. Thus, now you are aware of misogynist tendencies; these men love to make women feel weak.

So, the guy who lives on the edge, wearing a leather jacket, look attractive, always not seems right. And we woman in the world don’t deserve a man or to date a misogynist.

Red flags to avoid dating a misogynist

It’s not easy to stop oneself for getting attracted towards a bad guy, but taking precautions earlier is better than later dangerous happening. So, with this guide, Morning Lazziness will tell you how to spot a misogynist.

Note: As soon as you spot a misogynist, run in the opposite direction.

He talks over women:

No women tolerate the feeling of interrupting while talking, again and again. And if your partner does that, he is showing the clear signs of being a misogynist.  

Whether it’s his mother, friends or you, if he is putting his words first and giving more emphasis to his talk and letting you down, then we have to say he is disrespecting every other woman. Might be he does not like your idea or not showing interest in listening, these type of men don’t care and give no respect to women.

He undercut your opinions:

Men who just dislike women not only let them talk but also expert in ignoring. For instance, if you ask your partner about something or give any suggestion, they may claim you as stupid with saying you are not good enough and we know better than you.

He criticize your looks:

If men are complimenting for your looks and also showing interest in preferring polka dots over floral prints, then no doubt that man is crazy for you. Henceforth, if he is saying how you dressed up, how much makeup you put, how long will you take to get ready, why are wearing this much short skirt, he is a not just a misogynist but is promoting rape culture in our society. Men have no rights to say, women, what to wear or what not to wear.

He doesn’t like to listen ‘NO’:

Misogynist thinks women exist only to please men. These type of men can not take NO as an answer. For example: if a misogynist offers you a drink at a bar or lounge and you show no interest in talking, they will make a fuss. Till the time they don’t get an answer to their NO. And, the best way to deal with these men by saying – ‘I have a boyfriend because’ they can only respect another man, not a woman.

He never takes you seriously:

Misogynist never listens and show any interest in your talks. Whether you are sharing the concern about their behaviours, giving political views, planning for investment or something. A misogynist has a subtle opinion never to take a woman seriously.

He respects men’s opinions:

No matter how much a misogynist hate women, their respect for other men will always rise. They show interest in their talks, give them respect, and confide in men. Moreover, they will never go to a woman for her advice or opinion.

He is competitive:

A misogynist cannot deal with the word “loser”. Whether you beat them in a pool, a video game, or a driving game, they just won’t able to deal with it. They consistently make excuses, that they are tired, or not feeling good or that you cheated. A misogynist just can’t handle that how could women perform better than them.

He is controlling:

Why a man disrespect women? Because they can’t see someone else performing better than them or doing good in the same field. And, then controlling game begins. They may insist you to sit at home alone when you really want to go out because he wants to have power over you.

A misogynist never misses an opportunity to demonstrate his powers and influence over women.

He is a cheater:

Some men act to be like feminists. They make a sweet connection with women, and when women start showing interest, they lost spark and feel insecure in the relationship. So, cheating or lying becomes their habit.

He hates your independence:

Dating a misogynist is something you won’t allow to do anything which you want to do, or your heart says. They just make four walls around you in which only they can come. They seriously don’t like the idea of spending time with friends, travelling without them or leaving the house.

In short, anything you to independently is unacceptable. A misogynist will never be happy to see their partner independent and successful.

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