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8 Factors Affecting an Orgasm in Women

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In the act of lovemaking, people have the presumption that only males get to enjoy deep orgasm. Have you ever wondered why a woman cannot experience the desired love? Come, let’s get deep into it and find out.

As per research – only 20% of women get to experience the desired orgasm, and the rest, look for another substitute to get deep stimulation. It’s medically proven that certain factors affect women to have an orgasm.

We explain a few of the factors that have an effect below.

Hormonal changes:

It happens because of changes which occur in the female body most notably after the first sex, childbirth or menopause. Following all of this, a woman finds it difficult to experience sexual satisfaction – because of the reorganised body structure. There is usually the enlargement of the vagina after childbirth, and the hormones in charge of sexual activities deteriorate during menopause because of which the urge for sex reduces.

Not enough Stimulation:

woman orgasm

Most of the times, because of lack of experience or inability of the partner to thrust it becomes an enormous reason for a woman not to have a deep orgasm during sexual activity. It entails in not fully understanding what turns on and makes women go nuts during sex.


Women are addicted to certain drugs which are not medically prescribed or if prescribed are taken in an overdose. Such medications like antidepressants can cause much harm to a woman not experiencing orgasm during sexual activity. Few socially accepted drugs like alcohol, cigarette, etc., can be able to damage the sexual organs in charge of orgasm.

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Fear & Worries:

Some women can’t experience orgasm because of the fear which accompanies along with worries based on things they have heard about sex like it’s painful, or it’s my first time, how will I do this and so on.

Some women live with doubts such as what if I won’t be able to satisfy my partner or what if he doesn’t like the way I move. These become a few causes which don’t let a woman experience a good orgasm.

Vaginal dryness:

Now, this is a medical issue. And it occurs because of the inability of a woman’s vagina to secrete fluids, which help to facilitate sexual activities. If a woman has such an issue, it’s better to consult a doctor.

Emotional distress & relationship problems:

There is no perfect relationship. Many people feel nervous or depressed in their relationships. A woman facing such situations when involved in sexual activity will feel uneasy or less relaxed and won’t enjoy the full pleasure of an orgasm.

Perception of sex as evil:

woman orgasm

Many people in society have groomed themselves into accepting that anything that has to do with sexual activity is a sin. It shouldn’t be spoken about or engaged in. While neglecting the fact that marriage is a union and for procreation of life, there needs to be an intercourse. A woman having the mindset and growing with it into a relationship and visualizing this in her thoughts during sexual activities might prevent her from looking up to and surrounding to the world of pleasures of love and prevent her from having an orgasm.

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Unwanted loss of control:

Many women don’t like the sensation of getting controlled during sexual activities. It gives them a negative feeling. Always remember, sex should be pleasurable, and a good orgasm is mandatory. Because a good orgasm is something that sends thousands of signals within a body and shakes the mind outrightly into another world of pleasure.

Take note!

If these following factors are carefully avoided, every woman will get to encounter the utmost level of pleasure during sex. Also, you will get much love and respect; and it will keep your relationship healthy. 

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