5 Honest Signs You’re Not Ready For A Relationship

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Why should I involve in this mess, when I already know the future of a relationship?

Although I too want a happy relationship but perhaps, not ready for it. Even I don’t know whether it would last for years or months? Maybe I want a relationship because I’m the only single in my friend circle. As a woman, thousands of questions pop to our mind when we get the urge to be in a relationship. That’s true love binds us, and it’s the missing part of life that completes our lives.

Having someone to wake you up so nicely (indulge in cute morning play), and sharing a bed, is sometimes considered as a cure to all problems. It’s no doubt that few women think of a relationship so precisely and end up with the thought that only a relationship keeps them happy and cheerful. Having someone by your side to split the bills is just a fantastic feeling, but it also means you have to consider someone else with every swipe of your card.

However, we do not deny the power of a healthy, beautiful relationship, but be ready for the transformation, and surely the benefits would be immense. Giving your place of peace to someone- emotionally, physically, and mentally, there are several other factors one has to consider. And, to enjoy a relationship to the fullest, you need to be in the right place internally. Unfortunately, it sometimes takes work.

So come, let’s look at the most glaring signs you aren’t ready to be in a relationship.

Are you unhappy with your life?

If you think only a relationship could keep you happy, then my dear, you are wrong. Happiness is not something you get from a relationship; it is something you bring into a relationship.

Chances are you are unhappy and dissatisfied with whatever you are doing in your life, and thought about getting a cute, hotshot guy would bring the charm in life, then it’s time to wake up from the dreams. If you want happiness from inside, then have a good group of friends you care about and who care about you. Learn new hobbies, meet new people, and soon you become a balanced, well-rounded person. Doing this gives you confidence from the inside and makes you healthy and fearless.

Lack of vision and purpose:

Many relationships start with a shortage of vision and purpose. Perhaps, this is the common cause of many failed relationships.

A vision is what you want or wish to achieve in your life, whereas purpose is a sense of why you exist and what’s your objectives to accomplish.

People forget to put the cart before the horse and delve into a relationship. These relationships with no proper vision and purpose often lead to fights.

That’s why it is always good to first explore your purpose of life and what you want to be. Second, create paths for yourself. Then jump to a relationship, we sure it would last longer because you are bright with your thoughts and visions.

You still think about your ex.

Bumping into a new guy just to make your ex jealous is always not a good idea. You not only create a problem for yourself but for the guys whom you are dating. What if this guy has the same features which your ex was having, then you bump into a new one? No, no? Then instead of making genuine connections with other guys, take out some time for yourself and analyze the things why it didn’t work out with your ex?

Before jumping into a new relation, make sure you overcome your last relationships.

Relationships are complex and require a lot more than “they say” and “let’s just see what happens.”

A relationship is your prescription for “loneliness.”

In modern culture, loneliness is a perfect synonym of “single” When we dread to be single as if it’s a life sentence in prison.

If we talk about married people, they too complain about being lonely, unsupported, unheard, bored, and feel like a single parent”.

But before complaining about this. Ask yourself – do you still care about your partner’s needs? Do you even go to romantic dates? Do you have a relationship with GOD or higher powers you believe in?

Loneliness is a drug, and if you don’t get the strength to fight with it, solemnly, it would kill you or deflect you to focus on your principles and vision. It’s good said, resolve your loneliness before you become emotionally involved with someone.

You’re desperate

Being inauthentic is a recipe for a failed relationship because your true self will emerge eventually.

Most people put their best step forward in a relationship but still don’t succeed. Why, because they forget to love themselves. If you don’t love yourself, you can’t be able to keep your better half happy. Self-love comes first.


Here we are not asking you to follow the rules of the game, but how you represent yourself is essential. Men are most likely to get attracted to independent, confident, and strong women.

So, before loving someone else, like yourself, and give priorities to your things. Don’t put so much in a relationship that forgets who you are.

Good going girls, there you have all the telltale signs you are not ready for a relationship. Though these are fixable, challenge yourself, become healthy, empowered, happy, and inevitably you get an inspiring place for yourself. 


your next relationship is your best relationship.”

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