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6 Changes That Happen To Women’s Body When They Stop Having Sex

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Is it true? Haven’t you been in any sexual intimacy for a long time? Sadly, with the lack of sex, a woman’s body shows more adverse effects, as compared to men. Probably you will not grow a new hymen and become a virgin again, but your vagina is all going to grow cobwebs, tumbleweeds will roll across the pelvic floor, and nobody will intimate bits without a crowbar and a sacrificial goat. Oh wait, none of that is true.

Honestly, sex has vast health benefits, and we know, it sucks if you couldn’t be in any sexual activity for a while. Whether you blame it on patriarchy or fewer comprehensive sex ed institutions, our society is far away from the harsh truth about what happens to a woman inner workings – when the frequency of libido decrease.

According to a study: if you used to have sex and now you don’t, then only you can understand you’re more prone to disappointment, anxiety, and depression. Though lack of sex show essential effects on the body, once you back in the game, all you experience the new sexual adventure. Trust us, on this.

So, meanwhile when a woman doesn’t have sexual intercourse, what necessary changes happen to her body. Most of them are not great, also not going to kill you. It’s good.

Weaken Vaginal Walls:

less sex may weaken the Vaginal Walls
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Just imagine what happens to something when we stop using it for a long time, whether it gets rusted or stop functioning correctly. Right? The same thing happens with your vagina when you stop making love for a long time. Of course, the vagina walls may get weaken with age and menopause. Thus, never end having sex, it’s food for your beautiful body. Also, it maintains elasticity.

And, it won’t get tighter:

First, there’s no such thing as a “loose” vagina. Your vagina may change over time because of age and childbirth, but it won’t lose its stretch permanently.

Source: Healthline
vagina wont get tighter
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It’s a myth – abstaining from sex makes you “tighter.” The sensation of the vagina doesn’t depend on the number of sexual partners, also taking an enforced break from love doesn’t re-virginize you. Plus, it doesn’t grow your hymen back. If you don’t involve in sexual intercourse for a longer time, the vagina tissues might escape the habit of relaxing in response to arousal.  But, don’t worry, all we” ll be okay, once you back.

Your libido might drop:

less sex drop desire
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A woman needs sex to stay healthy and glowing. But what happens when you abstain from the dose of sex. It dampens the hormonal response to insertion, also results in a drastic loss of libido. Though it is not entirely clear, many researchers advocate that regular sexual activity as a way of stoking the fire for libido.

Worsening menstrual cramps:

painful menstrual cramps
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Sex is a basic need, and it allows women to experience mind-blowing orgasm. Most women don’t know that a good orgasm releases a hormone that helps to increase the pain threshold. This pain even acts as a natural painkiller to reduce menstrual cramps. So, if you involve in sexual pleasure regularly, there will be lesser chances to endure those killing period cramps otherwise lack of sex will undoubtedly worsen the pain.

You might take longer to get wet:

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According to studies – regular sex is a great way to keep sexual organs healthy & aroused. And if a woman takes a break from sexual pleasure for a while, she might take much time to get wetter also need a bit of extra help when she decides to get back in the saddle.

Frequent indulgence in sex benefits the lubrication process (wherein the vagina and vulva become wet), and also increases blood flow to the area. So, keep making love.

Drastically lower risk of UTI:

drastically lower risk of UTI
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Now, some good news. Living a sex-free life has its own advantages. If you would involve less in lovemaking, there will be fewer chances of getting infected by the STD (sexually transmitted disease) or UTI (urinary tract infection). Generally, this disease happens when we connected sexually; yet STI or UTI can occur from nonsexual contact too, be aware you’re not entirely out of the woods.

Wrapping it up!

Morning Lazziness hope you get to know some of the cons of lack of lovemaking. Don’t let the abstaining of sex affects you mentally, if needed consult a sex therapist and indeed fall in love all over again with your body.

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